to blog or not to blog ~

... this is the burning question????

Yes, I like looking back at post and conjuring up some great memories from them.
Yes, it's nice to be able to look back and see when I first planted this or harvested that.

I never try to get too personal on my blogging as I don't want to say or do something that someday may come back to haunt me.  

.... maybe I should start over and go incognito.  Nope.  That's not my style.

Yes, I love the cyberspace people I have met blogging ... and then meeting in person is all that more special.  

Yes ... I think I answered my own dilemma ... to blog or not to blog

YES ... although I don't think I have much to talk about that could be of much interest to others.  I guess I'll just carry on as before and use my journaling as a place to be able to look back on for recipes shared or the date I planted or harvested something of interest... like a big ol' mushroom or a big ol' fish! 

Maybe I'll bake a pie and want to brag.

Until next time ...
so it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Make a pie now! The blog entry was you! If you ask us the answer is 'To Blog'. I always got a kick from your entries from the North woods. I get snippets from Sherry. Hope the big guy is better. WE always get a kick out of the real live photos of you guys. Admitting you guys live a very interesting and VERY? challenging life. Also I love seeing that one picture of me 'n Brandy.
    Love from down here wee we are suffering at 69 and rain. ;-)
    We just ain't tough!!!! Love you guys!@

  2. Hi Mel,
    Since you grew up on the river I was hoping youd have some sturgeon fishing suggestions.
    Thank you!

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