squirrels ~

The squirrels are taking over ~ at any given time of the day I can look out my window and see at least 5 squirrels running about.
Within a few weeks ... the babies will be running about too and that number will multiply and I'll have 5x's that many.

I have gray squirrels, black squirrels, pine squirrels and the nocturnal flying squirrels here.  The pine squirrels we refer to them as red squirrels; but they really are pine squirrels.

I just love the looks of this little red ~ it's gray with a red tail:

As long as they behave themselves and don't decide to eat my car again they can have free range.  The red squirrels got into my car once and chewed the wiring to my air conditioning to the tune of over $400 worth of damage.  So far ... they are behaving themselves ... for their sake lets hope it stays that way!

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Squirrels can certainly be a bane to one's existence at times. :)

  2. I always get a kick out of watching squirrels in the parks. Shirl says she had a couple mentally challengted ones in her yard that like to roll in the dirt.
    You had to remind me of last year, we took the van in for what was supposed to be a minor repair, the mech said, 'you have more problems, a squirrel or rat had chewed the wires to the computer, it is shorted and will need to be replaced. $400+ yep, I always make a point of telling them how much I love squirrel gravy!!!
    Love the post, great pics, and we want to wish you all a very happy Easter to you and the Slim man. Also give our love to mom when you see her. Yeah, Sam too!

  3. Happy Easter to you my dear sister. Please extend our greetings to your family. I love watching the squirrels too but those little red-headed ones can be stinkers! Great pics as usual.
    'love & hugs from afar

  4. I love to watch squirrels and your photos are great. The minute ours start chewing things they aren't supposed to, I will refer to them as rodents and won't find them nearly as cute.

    Happy Easter!

  5. Those little reds can be TROUBLE. Keep an eye on 'em!! We haven't had the squirrel population as we did last year. Perhaps they found different feeders.

  6. Wow they look so much fatter then the ones I had in San Antonio. Happy Easter!

  7. They can't say they are starving...they look like lil, or big rolly-pollies., very much appreciating your feeders, I see.
    We will see you tomorrow at the farm for Easter lunch, table games, cards, the egg hunt with the kids and way too much eats...Happy Easter Mel.