g'loves ~

It was a busy weekend for the GrandLoves ~

Our GrandLove, Brooke was confirmed this weekend at Peace Lutheran Church ...

We are very proud of her and her accomplishment!

What a small class ...
she was the only girl in it :)

On the other side of the rainbow ...

The Chequamegon High School in Park Falls put on a play this weekend ~ 3 performances, Fri. Sat. and Sunday ... the Wizard of Oz

Our youngest Grandlove, Bailey was a munchkin ...
along with her cousin Alyssa who played the Wicked Witch:

here's our lil' munchkin with the Lion ~ 

munchkins ~ pre-showtime ... the makeup line for blush ...

~ comparing their make up and hair ~

the Lollipop Guild ~

It was a fun weekend for all.

Now the girls have the week off from school for Spring/Easter break.  I'm sure they'll be spending a lot of time here this week. Yesterday I already put my long and tall, beautiful GrandLove Brooke to work for me .... she stood up on the counter top and washed the wall above my kitchen cabinets for me :)  

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


pileated woodpecker ~

Just thought I'd share some pics from the yard today ~ such as this big ol' pileated woodpecker.

I was on the phone at the time with my sister Dar and I was snapping off these pictures through the window.  I was surprised they had even turned out ~ especially through my dirty window!

This next picture ~  it's not the clearest but it really shows how large these birds are.  That tree that it's on is about 10 feet away from the deck where the thistle feeder is hanging that the finches are on.

Notice too... all that snow we still have!!!

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


gardening ~

I'm daydreaming of spring and getting into the garden.  I know we have a few months to go ~ but it's never too late to start planning.

This is how big the garden was a few years ago ~ when we gardened by our friend John.  We've gone a LOT smaller ...

Now our garden is over at the farm ~ by my Mom's place... just a trail through the woods to get there.   It's too shady by our house, as we sit right in the middle of the woods.  It works out good for us having the garden closer - and smaller :)  It also works out great for my Mom and brother Eric as we all work together and enjoy the harvest together too.

Although it's too shady by our house for a vegetable garden there is a new garden that is going in this year.  It's our mushroom garden.

Here's what we'll be planting our first year with the mushrooms ~ I placed my order last week and the spawn delivery is set for the middle of April.  We'll be growing: 

(images from the internet)
~ Wine Caps ~

~ Blue Dolphin Oyster Mushrooms ~

~ PoHu Oysters ~

and ... 
~ Miss Happiness Shiitake Mushrooms ~

We will still be out in the woods though mushroom hunting for the Honey Mushrooms and the Puffballs and occasional oysters.    Maybe others will be "less afraid" to eat our mushrooms if they know they have been grown from "store bought" sources.

Also ~ every year we try out something new in the vegetables.  Last year it was the Bok Choi Chinese Cabbage which we had wonderful results with.  It's on the list again for this year.

The newbie (for us) this year will be the Cheddar Cauliflower:

Our friend grew some last year and had great results with it.  We loved the mild flavor of it and isn't it pretty?  It looks like it's already has been dipped in cheddar cheese!

So ... I've been scouring the seed catalogs.  Making lists and placing orders.  As soon as it's time to plant ... I'll be ready!

Do you buy in bulk?  I do ~ came across some chicken breast ...

Aren't they beauties!!  They're huge. Each one weighs around 14oz. a half breast!  And the cost ~ around $1.00 a piece!!!  It pays to shop around and buy in bulk :)  Oh I just love it when I have meat and veggies in the freezer, and my canning shelves are filled with good wholesome foods that I know where they came from.

Next week we'll be making side pork and smoking our homemade bacon :)

Please snow ... go away ... I'm ready to get into the dirt.

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


woodland creatures ~

~ raccoon ~

I'm still doodling with my Sharpie Magic Marker ~

~ red fox ~
~ muskrat ~
~ chipmunk ~ 

I don't know why the background paper looks so different on these because they are all on the same kind of  paper.  Must be my scanner.  Oh well.

~ river otter ~

And a few more of my "Woodland Gals"

More of my doodling around with the magic marker can be found in prior post :)

Other than that ... not much going on around here.  I'm patiently awaiting some nice warm weather.  We got news of a golden retriever that is going to be having puppies.  hmmm?????  maybe a new baby in our future????  

It was so ironic that Slim told me last night about the dog having pups because  night before last  I had a dream about a new puppy.  Coincidence???  or kismet !! 

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.

Update on some sad news I just heard this afternoon ~ 

The most wonderful dog in cyberspace has passed on to Doggy Heaven.
You'll be missed Remington.
The Life and Times of Remington