lookin' out my window ~

lookin' out my window ...

... I'm taking off ~

... coming in for the landing ~

... that chickadee is such a show off ~

... I know ~

... I missed it ~

... I could care less.

That was for you Jack!  I know how you love it when I para-phrase for the critters :)

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


happy dance ~

Doin' the happy dance.  I had a great check up yesterday.  No sign of the cancer and I don't have to go back to the doctor for SIX MONTHS!!!!  Yay!!!

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


hello ~


I see you.

I smell you.

* ~ *

I'm getting my craft on ... project progress so far:

I'm making some pine cones out of felt ~ the white ones are fleece and the little brown one in the middle is made out of fake leather.  I'm going to make more of the fake leather ones and possible try making some out of real leather. No more fleece though ... I didn't like how those turned out; the fleece isn't stiff enough to work with.  Once I get some pretty ribbon on them for hanging on the tree I might change my mind on the fleece.  Each one looks different ... no two alike.

Off to the doctor this afternoon for a check up to see if I'm still kicking this bladder cancer.  Wish me luck.
That's what I've been up to.

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


it's snowing ~

It's snowing!  I think this time it'll stick ... so far around 10 inches and it's still coming down.  This storm is a biggie ~ I guess it's suppose to be a few more days before it's over with.

We shoveled 3 times already and I'll probably shovel once more tonight to try to stay ahead of it ~ because it's such a pain in the behind if it freezes down on you and to try to move it later on.  I sure wish we had a snow blower and didn't have to do all this shoveling by hand.  I just keep telling myself it's good exercise and a little exercise won't kill me.

Sam's truck is loading up with the white stuff after he's only been here for a couple hours :

I don't mind the snow or the winter months ... I'm just not a huge fan of getting all the snow at once!

Good day to make doughnuts ~

I didn't even feel guilty eating one after all that shoveling I did today ~ but when I ate the second one I was cursing myself for it because I have really been trying to watch the carbs.  I don't know why I even bother sometimes.  It sure is hard not to bake and eat it too!  Plus ... I love to cook and bake goodies ... what to do ... what to do ... The holiday season is coming upon us and this is what I do! BAKE like a fool!!

I already packaged up 5 packages of doughnuts for the freezer ... the Grandloves got off the bus here today from early dismissal from school because of the snow and they dug into them pretty good and I'll send a bag full of doughnuts home with Sam.

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


keeping the bears happy ~

Why?  Why?  Why does every little project that needs to be done turn into a bigger project than what you thought it would be????

It seems that everything we touch lately goes haywire and escalates into something more.

Take my door for example.  We needed to replace it because the framing around the glass was all cracked and beyond repair.  Okay... this should be a simple enough project.

We go and buy a door .... remember now.... we have to travel 200 plus miles out of town to do this.  We have measurements and everything with us.  We talk with the salesman ... everything seems in order.  We get home and WHAT!! It's the wrong size.

Our house walls are 2 x 6  .... not 2 x 4 like the door is intended for.  Why didn't that salesman point that out to us??? Stupid idiot.

Well... the door is in ... but we need to do some work on the trim work inside now to make adjustments of two inches:

It's a minor problem; but one none the less if that salesman would of pointed this out to us before hand.  grrrrrrr

Little things like this really rattle the cage of my sometimes OCD afflicted Dear Hubby.  He gets like a snarly grizzly bear and if poppa bear ain't happy, mama bear ain't happy.

Which brings us to this:

FINALLY ~ after two days of shear frustration there is smoke curling out of the chimney of the outdoor wood stove :)

Poppa Bear had to replace a pressure valve and the expansion tank ... more grizzly growling going on ... but it's done!!  Mama Bear is happy :)

THEN there's this project going on:

Where we used to have bait tanks in the garage when we had a bait shop we are now putting in a sink and counter and a small hot water heater ... so Dear Hubby can clean up out there when he's skinning his fur from trapping, etc...

It'll be good when that's done and I won't have to listen to him growling anymore :)

So in the meantime ...

... I'll make him some pea soup.  Soup is good for the soul.  I heard it can calm the ornery right out of a grizzly.

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.