tips ~

I need to go buy this book for Dear Hubby!

I heard it's only volume 1 out of 5 ...

... but it's also a picture book so men can understand it. 

Seriously, I wonder what that book is really about??  I saw the picture on FB and just thought I'd share :)

I really can't complain in this department ... Dear Hubby does like to help out in the kitchen with cooking and the dishes :)

Ha! I might have to try this one.

There isn't much going on around here.  

We did go and buy a new front door for the house; but it's been too cold to install it.  Plus ... we're suppose to get another foot of snow or more !!!  Crazy crazy weather we're having this spring.  

Look at the snow prediction for Park Falls ~ that's me... bring it on Old Man Winter ... bring it on!!  I give in!!!! You win!!!!

So instead of being outside enjoying the beautiful weather ~ I sit and putter around with inside spring cleaning - because as soon as it warms up and the ground thaws ... I'm outta here!!! 

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


yes ~

I've been getting a few phone calls from people who have summer cabins up in my neck of the woods.  They all ask the same thing.  "Do you still have snow up there?"  The answer is YES!!! And NO you can not get into your place yet, unless you plan on coming with a four wheel drive truck with a plow attached to it.

Here's how much I still have in my yard.

That snowbank behind the deer is about 10 feet high!  It'll probably still be there in June!!

It is melting by the driveway and the sidewalk is finally cleared off.  Also around the base of some of the trees it has melted off; but the majority of it is still here.

We need a good rain and some more sunny days before this is gone.

Last fall the snow came upon us so quickly I didn't have time to take the pumpkins out of the planters, which I had sitting in there for decoration beside the door.  I did carry a couple of them down to the deer ... but they were so mushy from being frozen and were still covered with a lot of snow that I decided to put that little chore off to another day.

Chubby couldn't wait any longer for me to take them to him ...

... he came up to the house and helped himself.

While Chubby was up here munching on mushy pumpkins ... this bugger was pruning my arbor vitae tree.  

Slim said it won't be long and I'll be complaining about the critters eating my flowers!  He's right too.  Once I stop feeding them in the yard they'll be off to the woods again for the summer months.  I'll miss the daily visits.  But until the snow is gone ... they still have free roam without me complaining.

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


GrandLoves ~

Our beautiful GrandLoves ~

Amanda ~ Blake ~ Bailey ~ Brooke
April 6, 2014

Yesterday we celebrated!  It was the baptism of our precious 2 week old granddaughter Blake.

What a joy to have these girls in our lives ... We are Blessed!

I love being a Grandma!!! As much as Slim loves being a Grandpa!!!

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


mom ~

Not so much anymore ... but back in the day when all the kids were at home.  That was me.  Now my daughter Staci has taken over the roll call of Mom :)

Remember this shirt Sara?

Yes ~ that's me.
It was a backyard 4th of July party.  The shirt said, "Who are these kids and why are they calling me Mom?"
the good ol' days
put a cocktail in my hand
set me up in a lawn chair
watch the world go by

~ Squirrel Jail ~ 
I took this pic last fall; but they are at it again.  They keep popping the top off the "squirrel proof" feeder.

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


it felt good ~

The sun was shining today ... I could actually feel it's warmth for a change.  It felt good :)

I think this little pine squirrel would agree.  

It laid up in the branches of the maple tree with the sun on it's back ... soaking in  the warmth of spring.

The two squirrels on the ground were too busy chattering with each other...

... and finding seeds.

They weren't about to share with the gray squirrel ~ which they kept chasing up another tree.

That tree was occupied too.  It was the place to be if you were a black-capped chickadee.

They were busy cracking seeds.  It's easy to see why they are called the black-capped chickadee when you see them with their head bowed down.

All the commotion going on ... and I have this little squirrel sitting at my feet.

It kept turning it's back to me ... maybe it figured I couldn't see it then.

The deer and the turkeys showed up too.

I know ... photo over load!  At least I wasn't going on and on about the snow. 

Oh wait ...
I do have a snow pic today.

It finally slid off the back of the garage... 

... leaving a good sized pile.  I'm sure glad I don't have to shovel back there!

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


let it snow ~

Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!

The snow was coming down pretty heavy yesterday.  I'd venture to guess we got another 4 to 6 inches.  It was heavy and the packing kind ... sorry ... I'm not going out to build a snowman.

I'll take this weather over a hot day above 80 anytime.  I like sweatshirt and sweater weather :)

Just before the snow started there were 3 turkeys out in the yard.  

I really hope they were just passing through and don't decide to stick around.  I'm not a huge fan of the turkeys.  They do too much scratching in the flowerbeds for my liking.  Although, it will be awhile yet before I'm in the flowerbeds.  

The goldfinches are starting to get more color.  In another week or so they'll be showing a lot of yellow coloring as mating season approaches.  I love watching their transformation of plumage.   

Just for grins and giggles ... I'm trying to keep my spirits up ... here's a picture out my basement door this morning onto the patio.  No we don't use that door in the winter ... I have enough shoveling to do with using one door and pathway.

Here's some pics of that same area after the snow goes ...

Okay ... now I've had enough snow.  Bring on the rainy season ... melt this snow so I can watch my flowers grow.

I keep telling myself not to get in the dumps about the snow.  It is still March after all.  We always have this much snow this time of the year.  I think the problem though was that it was so cold this winter and no one was out ice fishing and snowmobiling like other years and the winter just dragged on for us.

Hopefully, we'll have a nice slow spring thaw.  One without a lot of flooding of the creeks and rivers.

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


the sweet scent ~

There is no scent as sweet as that of a little baby ...  wouldn't you agree?

Our newest Grandlove has arrived ...
and she's beautiful ...
and healthy ...
smells wonderful!  

Blake Anita
10 lbs. 10 oz.
22 inches
born 3/23/14

Momma and baby are doing fine.

The big sisters are proud as can be.

We are blessed.

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.