dear deer ~

Amazing how the lawn looks after only 2 days of warm weather.  The last foot of snow from last weeks storm is just about gone.  The grass is even greening up.

The warm weather also brought some deer up out of the swamp and back forty - where they spent the winter browsing.  These are the first deer I've seen in the yard in months.

They look rough.  It was a long and hard winter on them and I'm sure they are appreciating the spring weather too.  

They're so thin.  I'm sure they'll fatten up now that the snow is gone and they have some green grass to graze on.  I haven't seen the deer this thin in the springtime in years.  So sad to see.

Well whether there's a feeding law or not ... I'm putting some extra seed and some cookies out for them on the feeder... they love cookies :)  Poor buggers.
And they can eat the clover out of my yard as fast as it comes in.  I just hate seeing them so thin. 

It didn't take the gray squirrel long to snag a cookie and go up the tree to enjoy it.  

The birds too have been feeding so heavily these last few days.  We're suppose to getting some cooler, wet weather again.  Even the possibility for some more snow showers.  

I have five feeders that need filling EVERY morning.  
They have the sock feeder just about worn out.  

The male gold finches are getting their summer colors.  

This one is just about completely turned ~ with the exception of a wee patch of gray remaining on the back of it's head.

~ napping in the sunshine ... it's little head tucked up under it's wing ...
... peek a boo ...
I see you.

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


go away ice ~

The ducks and geese have made their way north again ...

... now it's just a waiting game for the ice to be gone.  This pic was taken this morning by the Sailor Creek Flowage boat landing.  The whole flowage is still frozen over with the exception by the dam and below and by the creek flowing into it.

Wherever there's open water ... you can see some type of duck or goose ~

Even the loons have made the journey north already ... although May is only a few days off and there should be no ice.  What a rude surprise the waterfowl got this year.

Hang in there you honkers and quackers and feather flappers ~ if the sun keeps shining the shorelines will soon be free of snow and the ice flows will be history. Although, I really don't see all the thick ice being gone by next weekend ~ which is the opener of the fishing season.  If you're thinking about traveling north to fish from a boat in my neck of the woods.... I'd double think that!

Old Man Winter is taking his jolly old time this year in leaving.

Even Sam had to get in on some of the sunshine and snow one last time today ...
yep ... that's him at the end of the driveway on the snowmobile ~

"But Mom, it's above 50 degrees, the sun is shining, there's still snow on the ground and it's the end of April!" "T-shirt weather and I'm snowmobiling!"

 Time to park that old Ski Doo!! but seriously, there is a LOT of snow yet in the woods.  The only place where it's open is patches in the yard and alongside the roads and in fields.

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


spring time and birds ~

It's around 11:00 p.m. as I make this post on Sunday, April 21st.  It's raining ... yes I said RAINING not snowing for a change.

It's 34 degrees out ~ so we'll see if the temperatures drop tonight and I'll either wake up to an iced over view or maybe... just maybe the temps will stay above freezing and our spring will be here.

Just thought I'd share some pictures that I took yesterday.  Notice ALL THE SNOW!!

~ a couple of old crows ~

~ the birds have really been hungry ...

Beautiful snowy trees on the edge of my yard.  Hopefully, this will be my last snow post.  It's pretty to look at - but I've seen this scene more than I care too.

~ hard to believe it's April ... it looks more like January

~ There was ice on the bird feeder and the stick that I have screwed to the deck post, as a landing perch for the birds,  apparently was slippery.  I couldn't believe I got this shot of that chickadee as it flew in and then fell off the perch!  ~

 ~ I'm not too fond of Mr. Hawk eyeing up the song birds ...

~ a Junco hiding out in the shadows of the spruce tree ...

~ a perfect pose :)
AND ...
bonus shots ~ thanks to my daughter Staci of some swans that are waiting for the creek to thaw.  They nest by her place every year.

So .... all I have left to say about the crazy weather we've been having:

Off to get some shut eye.

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


in wisconsin ~

Spring is here!

Even our cows are breaking down fences and walking to California ~ seeking happiness!

We may miss out on springtime - but summer is only 9 weeks away ~

It was 10 degrees out this morning when I looked at the thermometer.  Talk about a winter chill in APRIL!!!  Oh well ~ at least there's no mosquitoes.

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.