doughnuts ~

... to glaze or not to glaze? coat with sugar and cinnamon or chocolate and sprinkles, powdered sugar, nuts, coconut?  How do you like your doughnut?  Personally, I like my plain.

Today was homemade doughnut making day. 

Now I really can't take all the credit for making these doughnuts.  Granted, most things I do make from scratch; but when it comes to the doughnuts I buy a bulk dry mix from my Amish friends.  You add 4 cups of warm water, and 4 Tblsp. of dry yeast, mix it up, let it rise, cut them out, let them rise again, and fry. 

Pretty easy ... and cheap.  The mix says it will make 3 dozen doughnuts - but I got 52 of them out of one batch.  They came out to $0.91 cents a dozen and that wasn't counting the 52 doughnut holes!

Frying the holes :)
... and then some doughnuts  ... I fried them in my electric frying pan ~ which worked out quite well, I could do a dozen at a time.
I know the family would like it if I made these more often; but I only do them once a year.  They freeze up beautifully and sure do make for an easy breakfast or something quick to put into Dear Hubby's lunch box for work.  Dear Hubby also likes taking them along with him in the fall when he's trapping for a quick snack to grab.  I take such good care of him :)

Looking out my window ...  on the edge of the yard ... THIS is why I love living in the woods ~

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


i LOVE this time of the year ~

So pretty out right now ... with the changing of the seasons:) ... the trees are gorgeous!

 Want to go along on a ride?  Slim's driving ... 55mph (plus) ... he refuses to slow down for me ... he's grumbling something about me having enough fall pictures already ... all these pics are through the windshield of the truck ... I sure am glad the windshield was clean ... just wish the driver wasn't in such a mood.

 I don't care if grumpy pants won't slow down ... it's still pretty out ... and his foul mood isn't going to sway my good mood ... so there ... (I just stuck my tongue out) LOL

I hope you enjoyed the fall colors as much as I did.

 Oh... how I wish you could smell the air ~ so crisp and clean. 

Some of the places we drove past you could just smell the mushrooms.

I truly do love the fall season ...

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


taters ~

The fall season is fast upon us here in the Northwoods.  The leaves are in peak color ~

 ~ along side the highway by our house ~

It won't be long and Old Man Winter will be sneaking up on us.  Time to get the gardens cleaned out and the harvest put up.

My sister Darla over at darsstuffings ... you may be one of her followers.  Anyhooooooo ... if you are a follower of her blog she has mentioned earlier this spring about a trial potato patch that they had going on over there.  Testing out seed potatoes for this climate.  You can get the details of it all over on her blog :)

Well ...
Last night she calls and says "Do you want some potatoes?"  Bring some buckets and bags and we'll see you tomorrow morning.

So ...
This morning it was off to Dar's to get some taters.  We didn't grow any of our own in the garden this year because we were told earlier in the season that there were going to be plenty to go around.  WOW... they weren't kidding!

Bill (Dar's hubby) had a potato picker all hooked up to the tractor when we got there; but there was a problem.  He had tried it out earlier and because of the rocks in the field they kept catching in the chain and it broke.

So ...
Handyman that he is and along with his brother Pat ~ they rigged up an OLD  straight plow - like the kind they used to use behind a horse and modified it to pull behind the tractor.  It worked okay ... it furrowed the potatoes out but we still had to get in there the old fashioned way and find those taters using pitch forks and our hands.

There was quite a crew on hand ... everybody was picking for themselves and each other.  The work went pretty fast ... but ohhhh ... tonight ... our aching backs.

Today's total for everyone ... around 1300 pounds!

Here's what we bought home ...  3 of the 4 kinds planted.  One kind they are waiting a couple more weeks yet before harvesting.

Viking Purple
Norland Reds 
Yukon Gems
Talk about a pile of taters ~ and that's just a fraction of them!
Thanks Dar & Bill !  
and THANK YOU GREG for doing a test plot in their field 
and letting us share in the bounty!!

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


I love caller ID ~

Seriously, why even bother signing up on the No Call list when I still get messages like this left on my machine:

I'll try to type it so you can enjoy the accent :)

Hay Low ~ Dis mezz sage is for May Low Dee Dough ner.  I am calling from da Dalleeze Inter Neigh tion all Air A port.  We have a certified check for you to claaaaim.  It is for Nine Houndret ant fif teeeee thou sint dolllll r's.  Pleeeze call dis number .....

then she rattles off a 909 203 number ~ which I do a google search on and it comes up from Saudi Arabia!

Now... granted I would not turn down $950,000.00 if it was legit!  Do you think I should call my sister in Ft Worth and have her run over to the Dallas airport and pick up my check?  We'll all get together and share my winnings! Yeah!!  I'll buy doughnuts!

A few weeks ago I was propositioned for some kinky sexual acts by a man with a very heavy accent  ~ the caller ID said it was a call from Jamaica.  He called and called ... about 10 messages left on my answering machine.   Finally I picked up and told him that I was going to blow the whistle on him if he called my number again.

Guess what I did?  I got myself a very shrill sounding dog whistle and have it laying by the phone.  Sure enough ... my Jamaica call came again.  I told him, "I warned you I was going to blow the whistle on you."  AND I blew my whistle!  A nice long winded blow ~ you'd be proud.

I hung up.

The phone rings again.  Are you serious! That jerk is calling me again!  He says, "that wasn't very nice."  I said "I know, and what you've been doing hasn't been very nice either."

I hung up again.

I haven't heard from him anymore.  I hope that ringing noise in his ears is permanent!

Now if I can just get every Tom Dick and Harry that's running for office to stop calling me during supper.

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


weightloss ~

Who knew losing weight was so easy?  Just whack off 12 inches of hair ~ what an uplifting experience!

Isn't it weird how dark your hair looks when you cut it and it's laying in a pile like that.  Oh well.

My daughter came over yesterday with a bottle of hair dye and asked where the scissors were ... she said it was time for a change.  I had turned into an old lady with long graying hair ... actually I think  I called it the backside of an old toothless poodles butt... it was getting too long, too curly, to hard to comb through , I was always throwing it up in a ponytail, I was not happy with the look I had at all, that's what my hair was... and now ... it's short ...and it's color is Champagne Fizz ... much more fitting than a poodles behind:)

Here's what I look like now (I wish!) ... only I'm older, heavier and oh yeah, I wear glasses:) and my eyebrows aren't as well shaped, I have more chin and cheek too than that model, and my skin isn't as air-brushed looking as her's is, my skin has age spots, and my eyes don't look like that either, and my neck is lot's thicker too ~

But that's my hair color
 ... kinda ... only mine took on a little tint of reddish highlights ... I think.  
How do I know how I look?  
When I saw my other daughter last night she just thought I had highlights put in... 
she didn't even realize it was a complete dye job.  

The kids said it made me look younger, so I'm still going to keep it this color for awhile - even if it means getting the color from a bottle.

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


swans and fall colors~

I took a drive yesterday over to my daughter's place.  She lives on the creek that feeds into the Sailor Creek Flowage ~ and I had to drive pass this to get there:

... and this ...

... and this ....

On the way home ...

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


so me~

Seriously, this is so me.  I think someone took my picture and the words right out of my mouth. Ha!

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


a day late ~

Seems to be the story of my life ... a day late and a dollar short.  Oh well ... nothing much I can do about the dollar; but I could have been a day or two sooner with the oyster mushroom.  At least, I think it was a oyster.  I really need to find someone local who knows about them, so I can learn and pick them with confidence :)

I was out riding the trails in the woods the other day on the four-wheeler ... looking for mushrooms ... but not really in the picking mode.  I was just curious as to what's around.  I came across this maple tree with these:

Being too lazy to get off the ATV and investigate closer ... I just gave them a quick look and decided they were young artist conk mushrooms.  I snapped off a photo.  After getting home I looked closer and realized those aren't artist conks... they have a stem coming up from the bottom attached to the tree.  Why didn't I get off and check for gills?

I did see some artist conks and some pretty cool lichen and moss growing on this old, snagged up, broken down poplar tree just around the corner in the trail:

I'll have to keep an eye on those and see how big they get. 

I also found some more honey mushrooms but didn't pick them, as I have enough of those already.  I put up 16 pints from our last picking.

It was nice finding them in our woods though.  They were a little far along already and getting mushy; but there is always next year.  The deer and bear will get to eat them up this year.

I also came across some others that I don't know the names of offhand; but I'm sure if I dig around in my mushroom books I could identify them.  Until then - I'm not picking them! 

Rambo - our resident hound dog was all agitated ...

 ... ahhhh ... there's the reason - the young wild turkeys are using my mulch pile as a dusting bowl ~

They were rolling around in the wood chips and flapping themselves like crazy.
Nothing like a dry wood chip bath.

Okay... back to that "is it or isn't it an oyster mushroom" ... I was telling Slim about it today and he said let's take a ride and show it to me.  It was still there.

He picked the top one off ~
It sure looked a lot bigger in his hand than it did just growing on the tree.  Flip over ... sure enough ... there's the gills you look for on a oyster mushroom ~ white, long and extending all the way down to the wood where it was attached.  It has the characteristics of what my mushroom book "says" an oyster mushroom should be; BUT ...

It was no longer fresh and white like it was two days ago; and I'm still not 100% positive that this is an oyster mushroom so it won't be getting eaten by me... or Dear Hubby.  I REALLY need to take a class or go on one of those nature hikes with someone who REALLY knows what's what in the Mycological World.  I have a LOT more studying on the subject before I can harvest with confidence.

The honey mushrooms that we pick ~ we have always picked in the same area for the last 5 years ... we know "those mushrooms" in that spot and feel good about picking and eating them.  We also know three other people that pick "those same mushrooms" and they are all alive and well .. and they put them up the same way that I do. 

I also feel very good about harvesting and eating the giant puffball mushrooms, moral, hen of the woods and chicken mushrooms from the wild.  So we'll continue doing that ... but gosh ... there sure are a lot of mushrooms out there that I want to learn about.  I'm really excited about next spring and starting my own shiitake mushroom logs and possibly some button mushrooms and oyster plugs from a kit ~ so I KNOW those will be safe to eat.  We have grown the buttons before; but they are rather pricey buying the kits. 

But the thrill of finding them in the wild ~ ahhh... that's what I really want to learn.

I always tell Dear Hubby, "eat today, I'll try them tomorrow". I joke about it; but I would REALLY feel rotten if something happened.  So, in the meantime ~ we'll remain very cautious when it comes to consuming wild mushrooms. 

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.