woodland creatures ~

~ raccoon ~

I'm still doodling with my Sharpie Magic Marker ~

~ red fox ~
~ muskrat ~
~ chipmunk ~ 

I don't know why the background paper looks so different on these because they are all on the same kind of  paper.  Must be my scanner.  Oh well.

~ river otter ~

And a few more of my "Woodland Gals"

More of my doodling around with the magic marker can be found in prior post :)

Other than that ... not much going on around here.  I'm patiently awaiting some nice warm weather.  We got news of a golden retriever that is going to be having puppies.  hmmm?????  maybe a new baby in our future????  

It was so ironic that Slim told me last night about the dog having pups because  night before last  I had a dream about a new puppy.  Coincidence???  or kismet !! 

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.

Update on some sad news I just heard this afternoon ~ 

The most wonderful dog in cyberspace has passed on to Doggy Heaven.
You'll be missed Remington.
The Life and Times of Remington


  1. you are so talented, your doodles are fantastic, really they are... and I to loved Remington and will miss him so much.

  2. Your drawings are fantastic, I love them. RIP Remington.

  3. I wish I had just a part of that talent. I love the drawings, and youhave shuch a knack of doodle designs. I can't get over it. At least I got in today, my silly system has been blocking this site, I don't know why, I never see nekkid folks here. LOL

    I have been following Up North with Mel a long time. always love coming here.
    (((HUGS))) Stay warm Spring is coming (they say).

  4. Your drawings are beautiful!
    I also read about Remington...SO sad!

  5. Mel, You are so talented! It's just amazing.

  6. Thank you for popping in to visit me today am so glad you did because I found your beautiful blog Mel so am now a follower.

    Loving all your wonderful sketches.
    Annette x

  7. I love the drawings. I live in Michigan and we go up north as often as we us that is usually the Upper Peninsula but we also love Ontario and its been much too long since we were last there
    Following you now

  8. I was so sad to hear the news of Remington too :(
    Love your doodling!
    'love & hugs from afar'

  9. WOW!!! I had not idea you are an artist!!! Looks good!!