flying wood chips ~

Yesterday was FANtastic!  We are big fans of the LumberJacks and Jills!!
We, Dear Hubby, myself and my sister headed off to Hayward ~ about an hours drive to the north of us and took in the festivities of the World Championship Lumberjack Competitions.

~ all images on this post were taken from the internet ... can you believe it - I forgot my camera! Most of them are from prior years; but many of the same people were there this year as reigning champions trying to hold on to their titles.~

Wow ... talk about some flying wood chips.

 ... log rolling ~ these gals are fantastic!!
... log boom barrel races

... 60 and 90 foot pole climbs ... they would do in in a matter of seconds ... not minutes.  It would take me a year!
Coming down is something else to see .. how they don't get busted up legs is beyond me.  Truly, not a "try this at home" stunt.

... cut a wedge in a tree, insert a spring board, cut another wedge, insert your spring board then whack off the top  ~ awesome!
Jack & Jill sawyers ~  there are some mighty tough women in these competitions - Love it!!
 ... the hot saws ~ I told Dear Hubby we need to get these people to come for a day and help us cut our fire wood :)
... more rolling

... and many more events than just these I mentioned.  

 I can't begin to tell you how many times I used the words 'awesome' and 'I can't imagine' or ' did you see that' and 'wow'.

As I stated above ... these are the World Championships.  Some of the  competitors hail  from Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the Czech Republic and the USA.  

*** we sat in the same section ... three seats away from the group Black Axes from New Zealand  ~~ AWESOME ... I loved listening to them cheering their team mates and comrades on ***

They hold competitions all over the world; but end it here in Wisconsin in the little town of Hayward where it originated.  I think that's pretty cool because I get to go to it.  Yay :)

If you ever get the chance to attend one of these shows ~ either here in Wisconsin or elsewhere in the world ... GO!  I guarantee you won't be disappointed.

Also there was the Jack Link Sasquatch ... Have you ever seen the Messin' with Sasquatch commercials?  Here's one:

You can see more commercials and learn more about them here.

The Jack Link Jerky originates from a small town just to the north of us too.

Plus... we saw the big tater!!  The Idaho Potato Tour Truck ~ it was parked in the same lot we were.  Check out the Big Idaho Potato Facts by clicking here.

Now... I know this post is getting long winded; but one more FANtastic thing about the day ...

We had 12 free tickets ... thanks to Dear Hubby's boss and because there were only the 3 of us that went we had the FUNtastic job of paying it forward and giving away the other 9 free tickets to unsuspecting people at the entry gate!   The looks on their faces when we gave them a free entry ticket for the event ~ priceless!  All we asked for in return was that some day they pay it forward and do something fun and unexpected for someone else :)

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Sounds like a fun way to spend a day.

  2. WHAT? You gave away my ticket??? Just kiddin, that was a good deed done. I can just imagine the joy you brought to the lucky recipients. One of these years though I WILL make it to Lumberjack Days.
    How was the Trappers Convention? Did you make it up to Escanaba?

  3. As always girl, you know how to spin a tale with word and pictures. YOur ears should have been burning cause Sherry and I talked about you and the Rubber Band fight a long time today. She said, "I can see why the teacher saw the good in that cute girl."

    Of course Imma saying, "Yeah right, tell that to Slim!"

    I loved this and cannot imagine the plank cuts. WOW!
    SWEET to give the tickets away!

    Hugs and love from Maine, see you from Mass next.

  4. I LOVE the part of 'paying it forward'...fantastic.

    But your photos of all the fun activities made me smile...big time!!

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  6. That is a very fun thing to go to. I go a lot, but missed it this year, my cabin is in the town of Draper, in Sawyer county. Not to far from Hayward. Sounds like a blast!

  7. Glad to hear you enjoyed your Hayward palooza! It was great catching up on the phone.
    'love & hugs from afar'

  8. This looks like SO much fun! We have a a similar festival in Vernonia, Oregon.. a small town outside of Potland. Hubby and I go every year!

  9. We watch the lumber jack competitions on tv. I'm ever in awe of their strength and stamina. To see them in real life like you did would be an awesome experience.
    'Messin with Sasquatch' is one of my favorite series of commercials. They're so funny.
    My goodness that is one ginormous tater. Wow! lol I wonder how long it took them to make that tater.
    ~big applause~ to you & slim for making so many folks happy and giving them an extra smile for the day. You're awesome! :)