~ my daddy

I love this man.  My dear sweet daddy.  It's been 10 years already since he went and joined the angel choirs in Heaven.

He truly was a sweet heart.  Every single day of my childhood and adulthood he was always smiling, telling stories, teaching lessons.  He always saw the good in people and didn't associate with those who didn't have the good standards he wanted to be around.  I honestly, can only remember him telling me once about someone that he really didn't care for ... and when he explained why to me ... I could certainly see where he was coming from.  He was right ~ the man he was talking about did NOT warrant to be in his company.

He and Mom were so happy raising up us kids ... all nine of us.  There were 10; but Jimmy passed when he was a baby.  They weren't strict ... they were fair and would explain why if you did something wrong.  Always a lesson somewhere.

At meal time we all were around the table ...after a pray of thanksgiving was said ... then it was "please" pass the gravy (or pudding).  One time I said, "gimme the pudding" and my dear sweet poppa took the opportunity to teach me a lesson.  He reached over to a bowl of pudding and took out a scoop and splattered it to my plate... a big mess.  Then he told me to go get a towel and clean up the mess and come back to the table.  I did as I was told.  When I returned to the table he asked if I would still like some pudding.  "yes, please pass the pudding." Lesson learned.

I could go on and on with stories of my Daddy; but I'll put them on the back burner for now.  
It's just hard to phantom some days that it's been a decade already since his passing.  
I miss him like crazy, still have conversations with him and say to myself more times than I can count ... what would you do Dad?  or Daddy am I doing it right?  
This afternoon some of us siblings spent time with Mom.  We had 2 pies and 2 pans of dessert bars on the kitchen counter.  I quietly said to Daddy ... you would love this and as you were eating it you would probably tell us,  "This is why insulin was invented."

My Guardian Angel ~ 'til we meet again.

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods. ~mel


  1. Oh yes, this is the Big 'O' that hooked that good looking woman. I had a wonderful dad also. I have known other good dads. I feel so sorry for boys ad girls who never KNEW a GOOD DAD!
    It was easy to see your mama missed that man. I will never forget what you mama said when we were up. "I was looking for a good daddy for our children." I can't remember if it was daddy, father or good man she used, but it was a thought most young ladies should have, that is for sure. I see she was right.
    Very sweet Mel, and also good to see the alert for Up North with Mel. Love from Florida...