shout out~

I'm doing a shout out to all the co-workers of my lil sis ...

I talked with Colleen yesterday on the phone and she said when I come to visit her in February ~ she's bringing me to work with her for the day for show and tell ... LOL.... I can't wait!!!

Someone put the coffee on! and some doughnuts won't hurt either...
and as far as work goes... we'll see... I think it should be a paid holiday.

I promise I won't embarrass her as she embarrassed me when I took her to show and tell. (correction: I'll TRY not to embarrass her) Ask her about it.  Ask her if she learned how to pull up her tights yet.

I haven't met any of you personally, although I have spoken with a few of you on the phone.  You guys all sound alike... must be a southern thing.  I just want to say though, "I LOVE EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU!!"  If it weren't for you guys (is this where I'm suppose to say "y'all"? ... I have to start practicing my southern talk ... is that even spelled right??? ) being like family to Colleen... she'd probably want to move back home.  So keep up the great work!

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. and as long as Mel is doing a shout out to all of Colleens co-workers, I'll jump on the band wagon and invite all of to visit her OTHER sister's blog too... You can find me at OR just click on my name on this comment. :)

  2. Hey Mel,
    I think any person from any region would be blessed by meeting you. I bet you are a delight to be around. I can just imagine the fun ya'll are going to have... (by the way you spelled it right: y'all. I spelled it wrong on purpose because I believe the snooty folks who originally decided how it's supposed to be spelled got it wrong... lol)

    I'm trying to catch up. I hope your weekend is a fabulous one.

  3. Wow Thanks for the shout out. And as for as the "yall" some of us don't bother with the correct way. LOL. We really enjoy having your sis as a friend. Can't wait for show and tell. Colleen won't share that story with us so its up to you. See you in February!!!

  4. You know you love me and want Mikey and me to
    move into the basement! LOL.
    (I know I want to move there, that's where
    the food and jacuzzi are!)
    Hurry up and get here for show and tell -
    you'll be doing the showing and I'll be doing
    the telling... (I'll most likely have to translate for
    you!) lol

  5. ROFL...Show and Tell, Translations, you already have a party going on...Colleen works with a great bunch of folks...they all talk funny but they're great non the less.
    Hi Ya'll from Dar...Colleen's bigger older sister that you already met when our Mom and I did Show and Tell 2 yrs. ago...

    Allow me to take this opportunity to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas from My home to Yours.
    Blessings Be Yours