snow day~

It's a snow day!  No school for the grandloves; so they're spending the day at G'ma Mel's house!!

Our Bailey was so funny when she got here this morning.  Staci had gotten the car stuck in a snow drift in our driveway and Bailey (who's 4 yrs. old) said "Mom got stuck because her car has poor gas mileage."  lol  She got stuck because she didn't give it enough gas to get up the hill. 

Talk about a little pesky child though. Her sister Brooke is 10 years old and Bailey is being the typical 4 year old and pestering her poor sister non stop.  She keeps calling Brooke "Santa" and it's irritating the dickens out of her.  Of course, the more it irritates Brooke... the more Bailey does it.

I asked Bailey what she was up to and she said she was going to "air-o-tate Santa".  I told her she could airotate all she wanted; but she better quit irritating her. "ok" ~ but we all know it won't last. lol
I have a doctors appointment later on today.  I'm actually looking forward to it.  I get my blood workup results today and I'm very curious to see how they are.  Since my last blood work up last June when my A1C dropped from 12.8 last December to 6.5 in June ... so I'm anxious to see where I'm sitting at today.  Could make all the difference on how I approach the Christmas season! haha
The girls are at it again... I hear Brooke yelling, "no hitting" "oww oww oww... stop!"   and I hear Bailey saying, "I Paul-A-Joist, I Paul-A-Joist!" (I apologize I apologize) ... where does she come up with these words! It's just a hoot listening to her.

Then in the same breath she says, "I love you. Get away from me. Come here Brooke, come here, come here, come here, Brooke come here.  I won't be mean to you. Brooke I won't be mean to you. Brooke I won't be mean to you. Come here. I won't be mean to you. I won't be mad at you. Now come here I want to tell you something.  I want to tell you a thing.  You Paul-A-Joist to me and you can say I Paul-A-Joist to you."

LOL... it's so funny listening to them in the background.  I suppose a good G'ma would go and get this settled between them... but I think I'm going to just sit back and listen. 

Until next time....
So it goes in my neck of the woods.
UPDATE:  I'm back from my doctors appointment.
My A1C is 6.1 Whoooohooo!!!  Normal range is 4.0-6.0 ... one year ago I was at 12.8!  I was so happy to see that number.

Now I have to just get my weight down to a happier healthier level.  NO MORE DESSERTS!!! at least not the kind I've been eating.  Oh... my doctor is such a health freak!

He too was very happy with my results ... especially since he found out now that I don't take any prescription meds except for my insulin.  AND... That too I have made major changes in.  I used to take 64 units every morning and I have that weaned down to 20 units and I used to take 36 units in the evening and I have that weaned down to 20 units.  I told him by my next big blood work up which is in May ... that too is going to change.  I swear... I am going to get off of my insulin too! 

I feel so much better than I did a year ago ... when I was popping 16 prescription meds a day ~~~ those days are gone!

I am going back on to one drug though for a few months and that is the Chantix.  When I was going through all this "coming down from the meds" withdrawal symptoms... I hate to admit... but I've been snitching the cigs again.  Nothing like I used too... but still...  I know... I know... please don't preach to me about it.  At least I AM TRYING.  So please... give me some support.  My doctor said he's surprised I actually did as well as I did coming off some of those potent meds I was on. :) I really do feel like this time ... FINALLY ... things are going in the right direction.

Like I told Slim ... walk a mile in my shoes one day ... and then tell me how I should and shouldn't feel.

It's not easy battling obesity, CHF, CAD, fibromyalgia and diabetes. 

The only other things now that I take is 2 aspirin a day to replace the Plavix... to keep those dang stents open.  Geeze... I wish I didn't have those; but I do ... so 2 aspirin a day it is.  I can live with that ~ and my doctor approves.  I also take an Aleve on occasion when the fibro acts up; but that I have to be careful with because it spikes my blood pressure... and I'm taking a regiment of 4,000 mg. a day of fish oil and flaxseed.    Oh the joy of it all!!

The road to health is a long one.

Once again...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. your Grandloves story just gave me my morning laugh! And GOOD LUCK at the Docs today! Go get 'em tiger!

  2. Thank God for grandkids!!!! they always get me to laugh. And your new recipe looks delicious. Oh my Dr. Hook what memories!!!! Tell Colleen to make us something good to eat for our party.

  3. ROFL...the things kids say....just yesterday lil 2 yr. old Ben was teasing this ol Granny...saying over and over and over and over that he was Papa's Booouy...Papa is keeping these memories....I sure love the I first I thought she was talking about her
    Great Day and report to me

  4. Hey Melly,

    I was just thinking about someone else who
    use to talk a little peculiar, and thought
    you might want to see if she has a pearl
    in her ear. I would be
    worth some serious mooola if Mom and Dad
    would have left it in there! lol

  5. Glory To God & Praise Sweet Jesus! You are absolutely positively amazing & such a Blessing! Love love love reading all your medical improvements, I so grinned at you surprising your doctor!

    LOL the wee ones . . . too precious!

    Tell my hub that with our two . . . I am hanging on tight with my own emotional roller coaster rides I really am not treasuring when they have me hanging on to theirs too! :)

    ~ May you ALWAYS be Blessed & may you ALWAYS Bless others ~