fluffy ~

How do you like my new coffee cup?
I'm not fat
I'm fluffy!

It's fluffy outside too ~

It's been snowing all morning and now into the afternoon.
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!!

The wood in the shed is going down ... but there's still enough piled outside to burn.  We should have enough to get us through this long winter.

I already shoveled two times times today to try to stay ahead of the snow piling up ... but darn ... it sure is coming down.  Looks like I'll be heading out again soon to do it one more time before Slim gets home from work.  Poor bugger ` vacation time is over and he had to head back to the papermill today to pay for all that gas we charged on the card on our trip to Texas last week.

I think this snow bank out in the yard will still be there in June!

Notice those two trees ... see how the wind has the snow blown in between them.  This pic doesn't do it justice .. it's about eight feet up that the snow is packed in.

This shot too ... the snow is a good three feet deep yet in the yard ~

Yeppers ... Let it snow!!  We need all the moisture we can get.  Spring will get here soon enough then I'll be complaining about the heat and the bugs and having to plant my garden and pulling weeds :)  So for now I'm not going to complain anymore about the snow.  I think my 10 days in nice weather got me over the cabin fever blues. 

Either that ... or my shingles have completely fried my brain cells and I'm losing my mind!!! Gosh ~ those shingles are a wicked infliction.  A person can't even think straight when you're in pain.  I just grit my teeth and bear it; but honestly, I wouldn't wish them upon anyone.  Just when I think I am getting over with I get a new out break.  Okay... I vented ... I'm mo'betta now.

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. WOW, I hate it for the shingles, what a terriblel pain.
    Amazing the amount of snow, good thing you ain't a southerner, you'd really be crying after a couple days. We'd laugh and have fun for a day or so, then expect it to be GONE! Well that is our experience.I don't think I have ever seen 3' of snow, not even in Nortrh Central Missouri.
    You guys are amazing and the photos are great. BUT I also understand the GAS costs. OUCH, yep Slim will have to work a FEW days to pay for that!

    ((HUGS)) and stay warm.

  2. We're hoping all the snow will add a LOT of water to our lagoon. It was WAY down last year.

    Love the shots!!!

  3. I'd give anything to be "Fluffy" but I think, as pretty as it is, I can do without so much snow! LOVE your pictures though and hope your wood supply lasts the winter. Stay warm and hope your shingles clear up soon!

    Long tall thin-thin and madaboudit! WHOLE life! Just call me "Sticks" lol

  4. Your snow is beautiful, we didn't have any this year, what a disappointment! Sorry about the Shingles. I've had them before, I know how painful they are. Hope you'll be done with them soon!

  5. I'll bet you wish you could turn right around and go back to Texas, and let the shingles in Wisconsin. Happy Weekend!!!

  6. I came back to say I like the cup. I have a special cup also, maybe it means something, it is from Boot Hill.
    But I think it is good to have a special cup.

    Love and hope you are snug on the couch and not suffering.

  7. Sorry about those terrible shingles. I know people who have had them. Your snow is beautiful and your mug is cute.

  8. ~faints dead away~ I can't imagine that much snow. Golly-gee-whiz-wow!
    Your photos are beautiful.
    Must've been a culture shock going from there to Texas and then back again. It is something how you can travel so quickly between two extreme climates.
    I hope you get to feeling well again soon. Bless your heart. I'm sending you positive healing thoughts and prayers. (((hugs)))

  9. Just a second comment to tell you I wrote about the water drilling rig (not Oil) just now. Thought you might be interested how we came about it. Stay warm now!

  10. Lordy Mel! Didn't realise you had the shingles (bad blogger!Hahaa)!
    I don't know how you manage with all that darn snow...It's a beauty to look at but to live in it would drive me nuts!!
    Stay Warm!!