the pines ~

Although it was in the 20's this morning on the thermometer ... it finally feels like spring!  The moths and butterflies are beginning to show and the birds are chirping and happy as can be with the snow finally gone.

The ground has dried enough to run the rototiller through the garden; but it's still too early to plant.  The ground needs to warm up yet for that so the seeds will germinate.

I hope all you Momma's out there had a wonderful Mother's Day :)

We went out to eat with our Dear Friends at one of our absolute FAVORITE restaurants ~ The Pines in Mercer, WI for authentic German food.  Dear Hubby  and I always have the Weiner Schnitzel with potato dumplings and red cabbage ... to die for!  I usually have the spatzel too but passed on it this time around.  Our friends had the roast duck and it too looked and smelled fabulous.  I would have asked Porky for a bite but I'm afraid he would have bitten me!

 ~ these two images are from the internet ... Margie's is WAY BETTER looking and tasting!!! I just wanted to give you an idea of what we had.

 Then to top off the wonderful meal we had Frankfurter Kranz  for dessert.  Ahhhhhhhhh....
it just doesn't get much better.  That truly is one of my favorite meals.  Slim said it's a good thing the restaurant isn't in our town because he'd be eating there 7 days a week!  I wouldn't even care as long as he took me along :)

The Pines also serves up some wonderful artisan breads, and they sell homemade baked goods and frozen custards and ice cream, and a FULL German Menu and American and Pizzas.  AND a pretty good Southern Comfort Old Fashion from the bar to boot!  If you're ever passing through Mercer, take the time to have a meal there... I guarantee you will not come away hungry.  

Now I need to get outside today and enjoy this weather!  My sister saw the first hummingbird yesterday so I better get my feeder out.  

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Ahhh, you have a way of making it sound good and I don't even know what it is!!!! LOL I do know cabbage! just never had red cabbage. But if the Man Slim okay's it with your blessings, it must be good.

    We are a little cool here in the boon docks of North Carolina. we will not reach 70 today. Unusual for this time of the year.

    I know you guys will appreciate SPRING!!!
    Love and ((HUGS)) to all.

  2. No German cuisine here. Your meal sounded divine.

  3. glad you're getting spring up there, finally!

  4. That's something how butterflies and hummingbirds are coming out despite your temps still below freezing. Bless you hearts. I hope the warming trend keeps on and you'll be able to plant soon.

    Oh boy, that restaurant sounds like my kind of place. What a tasty delightful way to enjoy an evening.

    Wishing you a lovely week.