may ~

Happy May ~ the second day already!  Dear Hubby and I took a drive up to the Turtle Flambeau Flowage yesterday to visit friends, drop off some bird houses,
 and to check on the ice conditions.

This is Sportsman's Landing:

 I don't think there'll be many boats floating off this landing in 2 days ... for the opening of open water fishing.

 There's lots of ice out there yet.

Here's a shot of the bay by Donner's Bay Resort ... solid ice there too.  No boats launching there yet either :(

The creeks and rivers though ... that's another story.  They are thawing, and high with water and flowing where some people wish they weren't.

Here's a few shots from driving through the town of Butternut:

The water has already gone down by time we drove through here.  The day before the pontoon boats were floating around the yard ~ still on their trailers,  by my nephew's business... and he had 8 inches of water in his shop.

 Don't worry Sara ~ your pontoon boat is sitting in our yard now ... and the rest of the boats up there have all been secured and no damage was done to any of them.

While driving we saw this pretty fella sitting in the tree:
Today ... we are under another Winter Storm Advisory.  It's snowing now and we are expecting accumulations of up to a foot of snow.  Will we ever have spring?  So far ~ we had a few days of nice weather ; but this winter weather is really hanging on.  Our grounds are once again all covered in snow.  Where we saw green yesterday ~ today is white once more.   It's hard to believe we are in the month of May when it looks and feels like January outside.

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. The ice is off here. No snow, just a cold rain. Who ticked off Miss Spring, that she isn't showing up?

  2. What a mess we have out there again, today...mercy. We can't even see across the field with the wind that is chasing all the snow around...I'm sure glad we didn't have an 'opener' fishing trip planned.
    Stay'da thought I'd say that this time of yr...April showers that we did not have, did not bring May flowers...geeeeez

  3. LOVE the eagle up in the tree. Those bird houses are adorable.

  4. Oh no, I hate to see that flooding. We may not get snow very often, but flooding... we get that!

  5. "My Lord" as my Daddy would say! Imma not moving up there anytime soon. Expecting mores snow?
    Okay I quit complaining about the 60's for the coming festival, at least our river isn't frozen over.

    The Eagle is a majestic bird. Love the shot.

    Hope you really SPRING soon!
    Sorry to hear about the flooding.

  6. Thank you for securing our pontoon for us, sure would hate to lose it down the creek. Sure am glad we aren't getting that nasty weather down here, if I could I would send ya the weather we are having... lord knows you need some sunshine and heat up there. Love ya and miss ya, hope to see ya sometime soon.

  7. Um ... LOVING your bird houses ~ but the snow again - NOT loving that!
    'love & hugs from afar'