family time ~

Yesterday the family got together for a picnic.  Let me introduce you to a few ~

~Taylor, my great niece and granddaughter to my sister Cheryl  ~

Left to Right ~ Bill - my brother in law married to my sister Darla, Eric- my brother, Gary - my cousin Sandy's husband, Wynette - my Mom, ShyAnn - my cousin, Hoyt - ShyAnn's grandson, Doug- ShyAnn's husband, Donna- ShyAnn and Doug's daughter, Eric - my niece Dana's husband ~

Left to Right ... front to back~  Sydney - another Grandlove of Cher's, Dana and Shannon - Cher's daughters, Syminda - my great niece ~ another one of Cher's Grandloves, Julie - my nephew Scott's daughter , my cousin Sandy, Mona - my brother Randy's friend, Miranda and Justin ~Mona's son and girlfriend, Colleen - my sister and Ronda- my cousin

My Dear Hubby, Slim and my sister Cher

2 of my brother in laws
Cher's hubby -Thom and my sister Linda's hubby - Jim 

more nieces, nephews, and children:

Shannon - Cher's daughter in front, Brooke- my Grandlove on left with cowboy hat on,  Linda - Ashley's mom,  Ashley - Sam's girlfriend, Nathan - Cher's son,  Andy- Dar's son, Sam - my son and  Staci- my daughter.

My cousin - Debbie, my sister - Colleen, my cousin - Ronda, my sister - Darla

Let's see... who didn't I mention?  There was also Sara. Don, Bailey, Darcie, Austin, Christopher, Mark, Alice, Syrus, Ben, Noah, Issac, Maya, Dylan, Ryan, Doug, Kelly, Mike, Mitchel, (Mitchel's friend), Sloane, Traci and Tom  ... I know I'm missing some faces and names here ... 
I think the head count was around 65 people.  Almost all of them were my immediate brothers and sisters and their children.

What a great day!  

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. You have a lovely family. You are lucky to all live so close by so you can get together.

  2. RE: Taryterre ~ actually we're from all over Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana and Texas.

  3. Yes Mel, it WAS A GREAT TIME! We loved this weekend and making new memories and recalling some old ones.
    'love & hugs from afar'

    p.s. - would you mind sending those pics?

  4. What a great family time. YOu guys are the best at preserving that. Love the picture of Slim and Cher, she is a little girl!!!!

    LOve you and thanks. (HUGS) from Vegas. Heading North in the morning.
    Jack & Sherry

  5. I recognize some of those faces! They are from Ringle too and in our 4-H group!

  6. The hubby and I got together with my brother and his family (and some friends of theirs) for a picnic this past Saturday. There were a lot of people at our picnic, but there were lots more people at your picnic!

  7. RE: Dicky Bird ~ that's just too fun, as I only know you through cyberspace and blogging. It's a small world :)

  8. Wow---that is incredible, Mel.. You are so fortunate to have such a big, loving family... I grew up in a VERY small family--and I missed all of that family stuff.. Dang it!!!!

    Great set of photos.

  9. Great shots...we need to share our pics of the was GREAT!!!!!!
    We couldn't have asked for a more perfect day, even the wind kept the bugs away. And, by golly, I think you only missed 2~cousin Sally and your friend and classmate,Wendy.
    Well done Mel.
    We always say it, but we really DO need to do that more often.

  10. Nice to see the ones who have blogs and nice to meet the rest.

  11. I'm so glad that Don and I made it home to go to the picnic, a lot of the family I haven't seen since our wedding almost 3 yrs ago and some even longer than that. I was such a beautiful day and the best part was when you smeared birthday cake in Sam's face ... it was even better when he got you back the next day!
    Love ya and miss you already!

  12. You have a beautiful family. Great post.