my bloomers ~

Today's Flowers 

Just thought I'd share a few of my flowers in the yard.  Did you think I was going to show you my underwear!!

 ~ ladybells ~
 ~ violas, petunias ~
 ~ coleous - mix varieties ~
 ~ day lily ~
 ~ monte negro lily ~
 ~ asiatic white lily ~
 ~ sempervivums ~

 ~ sempervivum  -  Oddity ~
 ~ moonbeam coreopsis ~

 ~ queen of the prairie ~

 ~ hollyhocks ~
 ... planted by the back deck ... they are almost 10 feet high ...

 ~ bearded iris that will bloom next year ... I just loved how the sun was shining through the shadows of the woods on them :) ~
 ~ stella d'ora lily ~
 ~ queen anne's lace ~

 ~ hosta buds ~

 ~  North Sky Blueberries that are finally putting on fruit! Yay!! ~
 ... a few more days to go ... they are just starting to turn blue ... 
 ~ another hosta ... can't remember it's name ~

~ sneezeweed ~

I hope you enjoyed the few flowers I posted ... I have more; but I didn't want to put this post into photo overload.  I sure do enjoy the colors of summer.

Now... here's another project I have going on the back burner... my second attempt at an oil painting.  I never drew or painted a dog before ... I hope it looks like our old gal Brandy that passed away 2 years ago when I'm finished.

~ the rough sketch on the canvas ... a work in progress ... I know this one is going to take some time; because I'm really not happy with it so far.

Brandy was the overseer of our place and is sadly missed.  Here's a few photos and scrapbook pages I made of her ...

Phew!  I guess this was another one of those photo overload post.  Sorry about that.

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Are your underwear bloomers prettier then your flower bloomers cause' your flower bloomers sure are pretty. How do you have time and energy to take care of all this? Oh you're younger then I am.

  2. Now I did expect to see your long handles flying from the flagstaff, but was pleasantly surprised with true Blooms. Beautiful.. Could not say enough, then you posted Brandy.

    I still see her pop up on our screen leaning against my leg loving the petting. I knew she was old. It is good to see her in her youth running with abandon in the snow. Great post, '

    PS: Yep, I am exposing my shining bald head to the sun, Dr. says I need V-D.

  3. Enjoyed seeing your flowers.
    Oh how we do miss our dogs!
    We have buried two under the Rose of Sharon trees near the driveway. They were mixed-breed father and daughter and looked a lot like your Brandy.
    Have a wonderful week-end!
    Lea's Menagerie

  4. Pretty flowers. Sweet dog. Love the drawing.

  5. Your flowers are putting on a show as usual., love how tall your hollyhocks grew. But, it sure was nice to see your 'overseer' Brandy Madison Flambeau Donner again. She really was the sweetest dog. I even miss how she'd bring me her stuffed toys the second I'd get out of the truck. She loved to share. Good luck with the oil eyes are like people eyes, you get those right and the rest falls into place. I can't wait to see your finished artwork.

  6. what an abundance of beauty and such a happy looking dog.

  7. Lots of beautiful blooms! Love the hollyhocks!

  8. Your bloomer remark made me chuckle but here is one great post of beautiful bloomers and I loved the ones of Brandy. You miss her like I do my Bridgette. She's been gone many years but she's still with us in a way. Thank you for sharing Brandy and your beautiful flowers today :) Happy week to you!

  9. p.s. I hope you'll be sharing your oil painting with us when it's finished? I should say pretty please :)

  10. LOVE those hollyhocks.. for some reason I have not had any luck with them so far in my life. I keep hoping!!!

  11. Beautiful flowers. I can not do it any more and I miss it. I am still affected by a balance problem so do't venture out often.