buffet on the compost pile ~

This bluejay is squawking ... "Come and get it!"  "There's a buffet on the compost pile."

A buffet it is!  There's two five gallon pails  of granola with almonds and raisins and walnuts dumped on it.  Bait that was left over from bear hunting and baiting that sonny boy left sitting outside in the rain.  Bait that needed to be dumped out before it began fermenting in the pail.

I think the tweetie birds will be happy and I won't be surprised to see the deer, turkeys, pine squirrels, gray squirrels, black squirrels, chipmunks, partridge, Sasquatch, bear and coon out there munching away either :)  I just hope it doesn't attract any skunks.

It's right off the edge of the yard where I can see it from the house ... and hopefully can get some nice pics if something does come in.   Time will tell.

What else is new around here???  We lead such quiet and boring lives.

My DIY hornet / fly trap is up and working like a charm.

It's just 1/4 cup of sugar in water in a soda bottle.

One day later ...

... it's filling up with drowned hornets and flies, even those nasty little fruit flies.  
Amazingly, even though there are a lot of bumblebees right now working the bamboo blossoms... only 10 feet away from it ... I never catch bees in this trap.  Never.  

I have to empty it about once a week.  

It doesn't take much to amuse me :)

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. If you see Sasquatch take a picture.

  2. Came running right ob
    ver when i heard "buffet" lol

  3. If you want pics of Sasquatch, just take some pics of Sam. It's fall, I'm sure he is getting pretty burly for hunting and trapping seasons and putting on his "Winter coat."

  4. I enjoy seeing what eat in or grows out of the mulch piles. We have a couple of them, one very small and fenced off with chicken wire but yet, there was evidence that something was in it. Not sure what, I was trying to identify it by the poop it left. There is a chart on line but in this case I waiver between a couple of different animals. I'd say a deer but a deer wouldn't fit in the fence. I like the hornet trap!

  5. I can't wait to see who your dinner guests may be!!! I may just have to try that hornet trap Thanks for the tip!! Take time to enjoy these beautiful fall days!!!

  6. Cool how the trap doesn't get the bees. Smart bees. I'm sure you'll see bear at your snack bar. Those bluejays sure were calling in the family today, mercy! Stay entertained.

  7. I can imagine the Jay yelling, it was definitely too much for him. What a find he must have said.
    Neat trap. U B Purty smart..

    Love to you and the slim guy!!!
    From South Carolina

  8. Amazing hornet trap! I'm going to make some of those ASAP! They are everywhere!