call me crazy ~

Here I am last night ... already in my jammies ... ready to call it a day ... it's dark out ... and I look at the thermometer ... it's 50 degrees ... but the sky is clear ... I know the temp will drop before morning ... I need to cut my last bouquet of flowers ... out I go ... in the dark ... and rescue my blooms from the frost!

The last of my gladiolas.

My last bouquet of summer flowers.

Slim called me crazy... it's not going to freeze.

He was right. 

The temp this morning was 35 degrees.

I was 3 degrees off ... nothing unusual there :)

I'm normal.

Slim was wrong.

I'm not crazy.

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Pretty bouquet, don't blame you for wanting to be sure and save them. Have a nice day Mel.

  2. BEAUTIFUL RESCUE! I would have done the same thing - sometimes those temps drop to where they're too close (to frost) for comfort.
    'love & hugs from afar'

  3. And now you have those beautiful flowers inside your home. A win/win :) From Denise in Northern Virginia.

  4.'re lucky to have gladiolas that will last so, if I'm lucky they'll bloom in spring...but by the time the heat comes on heavy...they perish.

    Beautiful. I woulda been out there in my jammies too.

  5. You are just a tad colder than we are here. Love your glads and you know if you HADN'T picked them it would have been well below freezing! lol xo Diana

  6. Hey CRAZY! (YOU asked..)
    So sweet of you to save the blooms. I just wish I could been out there to say "BOO!"
    You know slim ain't always wrong. However I know the wife is always right.
    Some times one is on the horns of dilemma.

  7. If you're crazy, then so am I. I would do the same thing. There is something special about that last bouquet!!! Enjoy your blooms!

  8. Flowers are pretty. Your instincts were right on. you can't get much closer to freezing than it was.