it's snowing ~

It's snowing!  I think this time it'll stick ... so far around 10 inches and it's still coming down.  This storm is a biggie ~ I guess it's suppose to be a few more days before it's over with.

We shoveled 3 times already and I'll probably shovel once more tonight to try to stay ahead of it ~ because it's such a pain in the behind if it freezes down on you and to try to move it later on.  I sure wish we had a snow blower and didn't have to do all this shoveling by hand.  I just keep telling myself it's good exercise and a little exercise won't kill me.

Sam's truck is loading up with the white stuff after he's only been here for a couple hours :

I don't mind the snow or the winter months ... I'm just not a huge fan of getting all the snow at once!

Good day to make doughnuts ~

I didn't even feel guilty eating one after all that shoveling I did today ~ but when I ate the second one I was cursing myself for it because I have really been trying to watch the carbs.  I don't know why I even bother sometimes.  It sure is hard not to bake and eat it too!  Plus ... I love to cook and bake goodies ... what to do ... what to do ... The holiday season is coming upon us and this is what I do! BAKE like a fool!!

I already packaged up 5 packages of doughnuts for the freezer ... the Grandloves got off the bus here today from early dismissal from school because of the snow and they dug into them pretty good and I'll send a bag full of doughnuts home with Sam.

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. HELLO TO SAM! What a joy to see the alert from the North woods. I can imagine wanting a snow blower... the doughnuts look great. even the holes. I like them.
    We do love to see snow, but that is because we were raised with maybe one snow a year of 3-4inches. every 5 years or so we would get a foot.

    Yeah we ain't built right for snow. it also scares the motor home a lot. (LOL)

    Love to the man Slim also and y'all try to be good.
    From the land of Mickey and MInnie...

  2. Be sure to keep all that white crap up there. I think it's funny that you are getting dumped on and my neighbor was out mowing his leaves again this morning.
    The doughnuts look yummy. I hope for your sake the snow stops soon. Love ya and miss ya!

  3. I know shoveling snow is quite a chore. I do not envy you. Hang in there. Ten inches is alot, to be sure. Those doughnuts look scrumptious.

  4. Mel, Button up your overcoat, don't forget your hat...You know I will shovel all day long in a big snow to stay ahead if I can. It's easier than waiting till it freezes or is so deep. But please take breaks and stretch before hand. Now pass me a donut girlfriend. xoxo,Susie

  5. DOUGHNUTS ~ Thom just mentioned the other day about how his Grandma made the best doughnuts. But you and I both know that it was his way of HINTING that I should make some. But I didn't. I'll send him over your way instead. lol
    And that blasted storm dumped a load of snow on us too. Drifts were up to my hips and not easy to move off the deck. Talk about a cardio workout!
    'love & hugs from afar'

  6. Hi Mel,
    Was good to see you at the farm , I haven't been making the rounds like I use to , miss seeing what everyones up to . Those donuts sure look darn good , I wouldn't be able to stop at just one . I suppose I don't have to worry though because I cant bake worth beans lol We just got more snow today, second of the season already ~ like you though I don't mind the snow . Stay warm and toasty, Is it too early to start saying "Happy Holidays " ha Willow

  7. just checking back to see if this goes through...good to see you yesterday. and darned great cookies...dig that one out of your mental recipe book for me. I loved um..