keeping the bears happy ~

Why?  Why?  Why does every little project that needs to be done turn into a bigger project than what you thought it would be????

It seems that everything we touch lately goes haywire and escalates into something more.

Take my door for example.  We needed to replace it because the framing around the glass was all cracked and beyond repair.  Okay... this should be a simple enough project.

We go and buy a door .... remember now.... we have to travel 200 plus miles out of town to do this.  We have measurements and everything with us.  We talk with the salesman ... everything seems in order.  We get home and WHAT!! It's the wrong size.

Our house walls are 2 x 6  .... not 2 x 4 like the door is intended for.  Why didn't that salesman point that out to us??? Stupid idiot.

Well... the door is in ... but we need to do some work on the trim work inside now to make adjustments of two inches:

It's a minor problem; but one none the less if that salesman would of pointed this out to us before hand.  grrrrrrr

Little things like this really rattle the cage of my sometimes OCD afflicted Dear Hubby.  He gets like a snarly grizzly bear and if poppa bear ain't happy, mama bear ain't happy.

Which brings us to this:

FINALLY ~ after two days of shear frustration there is smoke curling out of the chimney of the outdoor wood stove :)

Poppa Bear had to replace a pressure valve and the expansion tank ... more grizzly growling going on ... but it's done!!  Mama Bear is happy :)

THEN there's this project going on:

Where we used to have bait tanks in the garage when we had a bait shop we are now putting in a sink and counter and a small hot water heater ... so Dear Hubby can clean up out there when he's skinning his fur from trapping, etc...

It'll be good when that's done and I won't have to listen to him growling anymore :)

So in the meantime ...

... I'll make him some pea soup.  Soup is good for the soul.  I heard it can calm the ornery right out of a grizzly.

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Mel, Bless your heart girl. I know that Teddy gets that way at times...but them so do I. I just hate to go buy something, get it home and realize well you need more stuff . That is why I like to make drawings and take plenty of measurements. When I worked we always said measure twice and cut once. but I believe in measuring every which way too. LOL. Blessings to you and your hubby. xoxo,Susie

  2. Hey Mel, Yeah I know what you mean, Sherry can get so ornery, Wait..... Just kidding she reads this stuff. I know exactly what you mean about the wall thicknesses. I have run into the problem down south, but very seldom. I forgot you guy need all the room for insulation you can get so you use the 2x6 walls. Uf there I guess that should have been a common question. Fortunately down here I would only drive 10miles at most to solve the problem.
    Love soup!!!!!!
    Hugs to Brother Slim...

  3. I hear you about the door. We were going to replace our front door but it would have involved major work to the existing walls and exterior of house, so we said forget it. I'm glad you got yours in without too much fuss.

  4. Oh Mom, being witness to the many projects you and Dad have done over the years, I know first hand how you 2 like to rattle each others cages while working together. I understand the title to this post all too well. I have to say though that when you get passed the "grizzly" part of the projects, you usually have an outstanding final product. I guess the high quality outcome is why the bear shows up in the first place.
    I'm glad that the projects are starting to dwindle down but as always there will always be new ones to follow. I love my "grizzly" parents right down to the last grrr!
    Oh and your pea soup looks sooo yummy. Love and miss ya!

  5. Wow you have to run a far piece as they say to pick up supplies for your house projects. We just have to go around the corner. We don't have the snow either that I read about in your next entry. It is getting (so they say) cooler tomorrow. Probably just enough to kill the grass after a nice rain last week to make it grow.

  6. "Projects" have a way of expanding ... kind of like cleaning a closet that means you have to clean another closet that means you have to sort and store and find room to store the sorted stuff which means cleaning out another area etc, etc ... and it goes on and on and on. Yea, I know what you mean! Can you guess what I've been up to?
    'love &hugs from afar'