wait ~

They say if you don't like the weather in Wisconsin ... wait 5 minutes ... it'll change!

Yesterday our snow was gone ... you could finally see the grass ... then we wake this morning to another 'dusting' of snow.

Looking out my window ...

Trapperman Slim even shoveled for me this morning before leaving to check the trapline ... which he or Sam does daily; besides putting in their 12 hour shifts at work.

Yesterday I rode along with him on his trap line.  He has about a 100 mile line out this spring for the pesky beaver that keep flooding over the roads.  Believe me ... it's a rough ride over some pretty muddy roads!

Here's a few pics from the day .... (sorry for the photo overload)

Lovin' Slim's reflection in the calm waters on this one:

 ... another flooded over road ...

 I'm always looking at rocks ... I wish I was strong enough to load this one into the truck ... it would look awesome in my flower bed :)

 ~ wild rose hips ... G'm used to make tea out them.

 ~this isn't even a bad muddy spot ... but average of what the roads look like.  I can only imagine what they look like today after all the snow last night.

~ another rock I would love to bring home ~

yes... 100 miles of roads like this ...

 This is the smoothest road of the whole trip ... about 10 miles like this.

My pooped out trapperman ...

I know the townships appreciate his trapping efforts to help keep the beaver population in control in these areas ... it save's them thousands of dollars in road repairs each year ... just from having to haul in their heavy equipment to replace culverts alone.

Slim has a sit down job at the paper mill monitoring computers all day and he really enjoys getting out in the spring and fall to trap.  He says he does it for the exercise.  By the looks of his belly ... I tease ... he needs to do it more often! LOL

I should talk!!!

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Thanks for taking us on a ride along on the trap line. I remember running trap lines with Dad back when I was knee high to a grasshopper and the many years to follow. I truly miss the adventures and lessons that Dad was always so willing to give. I think we need to move back home so I can get back to my "roots!"
    Love you and miss you! I was sooo happy that you and Dad finally made it down for a visit!

  2. Most interesting. We're seeing more beaver here in southeastern Minnesota all the time. Maybe less trappers than before? Tonight Go Badgers.....:)

  3. You always have some great shots. I also love the cafh of the Slim man and his reflection. Until we hiked on the AT I never realized the damage the Beaver can do. But a bout a 100 mile line I can't even imagine.
    Love the old Tom Turkey.
    Sherry says, "A dusting of Snow!" We call taht a blizzard. hahahahaha. Sjherry just commented on the Turkey.
    Take care, love to Sam and the Slim guy. Hugs & Kisses to the cutie, the baitlady

  4. Welcome to WI is right!!!! We go from cold to snow to a sunny day all in two days time. I am READY for SPRING. Great pictures, Mel. xo Diana

  5. Your weather and your life is so much different then ours here in south Texas. I had no idea the beavers did so much damage. A little like the wild hogs here only different. I'm sure you do enjoy the trips with your husband to check those lines.

  6. A dusting, you say. looks like at least half a foot. When will it ever end. Love all the photographs. That is beautiful countryside. And alot of hard work traveling those roads. You take care.