hi there ~

It's been awhile ... both the house and garage are finished with the new siding and roof.  Sigh of relief!

Kota ~ she's a new addition to the family and a real sweetheart ...

... but she likes to get into the gnome garden and carry off things.  I had to retrieve Grumpy Troll who lives in his grotto with his pet polar bear and put them back ... tucked into the flower bed,

along with Poppa Gnome ... and a few of the other ones.

 ... she thinks everything is a toy.  

...the blueberries are ripening ~

... the flowers are bloomin' ~

... even the bear are visiting out by the TajMelHal ~

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. It is a joy to see your name. Always great pictures. So glad you got a puppy. Your house and place called for a dog. It fit. I have been beating my brain trying to think of your sweet Lab's name I want to say Ginger, but I know that is not it. The Lab had been on my mind since Buddy brought Charlie down here. Charlie can barely get around.

    But no matter, a usual beautiful snaps along with the unusual. Love to Slim, Sara & Sam when you see them. You do still see Slim, right?
    Love you girl always a good visit up North with Mel.

    1. Yes Jack ... I still see Slim! haha ... but I have to tell you there were times during the siding project of the garage that I could have gone without seeing him. Sometimes husband and wife projects should be avoided!

      Our old dog... the golden retriever was named Brandy. Kota... the new one... the yellow lab is Sam's dog. He moved back in with us. No girl friend with him this time though ... just the dog.

  2. House looks good. Those are some pretty flowers. Kota looks like a sweetheart except for the gnome exploits. Just think autumn is on the way.

  3. Everything is looking good around your place. Nice to see a post from you.

  4. Your home and garage looks great.
    You have such wonderful animals and beautiful flowers.
    I love the mischief going on with your new puppy-dog and the gnomes. That would make for a fun children's book.
    Wow, the bear looks like statues. You captured him in perfect poses.
    Wishing you a wonderful rest of the Summer!

  5. Kota....what a doll!!! [short for Dakota?]
    And your garden/yard with the flowers and gnomes, not only fun, but beautiful!!!

  6. Love the pictures of the bear! Haven't seen any in our area this season -yet. Your Kota is a gorgeous pup.