The doughnuts are made.
Come for coffee .


  1. I'll be there in two days! I WISH!!!
    I'll be expecting doughnuts in February...
    we'll have the coffee ready.

  2. Oh Thank Goodness! I was worried that you had left the blogging world. I'm tickled pink to see you posting!!!

    ~~dance o' joy~~

    Love to celebrate with your yummy donuts! Sweet!
    I don't drink coffee, how about some milk? lol

    Wishing you a honey of a day! (((hugs)))

  3. Hey Mel, that is a bunch of donuts, I know there are enough for me, lol. My labs all came back good, so guess I can have some. I like chocolate frosting with little sprinkles on top. :)

  4. I do love donuts and I am on a diet,but I will take some coffee.I've got to have at least 1 cup in the morning just to get myself motovated to go to work.HA!

  5. I see the "baking bug" bit you too!
    Those donuts look pretty darn good, but I know with the bunch of people that come through your house, they won't last long.
    I'll join you and our lil' sis in Feb for a fresh batch.

  6. Dang Mel, how's anyone got a chance to stay healthy just looking at what you put on the table...mercy, have not had a fresh doughnut from your kitchen in ages, like years, can't say I remember when? Hmmmm, so is the coffee hot?...