a little getaway~

Dear Hubby and I had the nicest 2 days AWAY from home.  What a luxury! We didn't get to go that often before because we had the bait shop; which pretty much kept us home.  We took a little drive over to the Upper Penninsula of Michigan to visit my sister Cher and her hubby Thom. 

When we left home Sunday morning, the sun was just coming up and trying to peak through the rain clouds.

About half way there the sun finally won out over the clouds and it quit raining for about an hour.  It was such a pretty drive this time of the year with the tree leaves turning color.

We didn't get to stay long; but none the less... it was  a great trip.  We had the nicest visit and shared a LOT of laughs.  

 We even played some UNO ~ I forgot how much fun that game can be; maybe it was the alcohol consumption that made it so much fun; or ... maybe not??  Whatever it was ... Cher and I are awesome partners!!  We lost; but we didn't go down without a fight!! 

Yesterday we took a little drive and did some shopping while Thom and Cher's vehicle was getting serviced.  We stopped in at this little cafe for lunch.  On their menu (2 pieces of paper stapled together) they have 101 Burger selections!!  The waitress said they were getting new ones printed up so she let me take one of the menus home.

Here's a scan of it: (CLICK on it to enlarge) Some of those burger names and combinations are too funny!  Especially number 50.


What really cracked me up over this though was that Thom and Slim both ordered the same thing; without being aware of what the other had ordered.  They both ordered a #6 Meat Lovers Pizza Burger out of 101 choices.  Then ... to further confirm how much Cher and I are alike ~ unbeknownst to each other... the two of us had both  passed on the hamburger option and we both ordered a meatloaf special.  How weird is that?

Cher and I find ourselves doing the same thing so many times it's spooky.  Example:  When I saw her computer screen I just about flipped out. 
Out of the millions billions trillions kazillions of photos on the internet to choose for a wallpaper on our desk top ... we both have the same one.  How weird is that.  I guess great minds just think alike.

Oh well... until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. I am glad you had a great time with your sister.I only get chance to see my 2 younger sister about once a yr.One lives in Florida and the other lives in Georgia.We also have alot of fun when we're together. Now for the trip you took.It is beautiful up there.Ilove this time of the yr.with the leaves all turning and the harvest coming in.Thats what I love about the mountains in the fall.The change is just beautiful.As for the menu,I could'nt even comment on it right now.I just got through with dinner and just to see the word food,I would feel like I was bloated.In other words,Yeah I'm stuffed! HA! HAVE A GOOD ONE!!!

  2. Glad you had a good time without me...again...LOL...I still haven't gotten over your TX trip 23 yrs. ago when you, Mom and Cheryl asked to borrow my camera but not me...ouch...LOL no seriously, I am glad you had a great time...WoW on that menu...and it is creepy how we all think alike, food, clothes, crafts, garage sale items...gives me the willies......oh ya, I GOT the Willy...but for Thom and Slim to pick the same burger??? Now, THAT is creepy....ewwwww

  3. Oh Mel,
    We enjoyed your visit so much and will have to do it again, and again, and again ~ and listen partner, we WILL win at cards one of these times!!!
    AND ~ not only do we make the same choices, sometimes we say the same things at the exact same time. It's like you're taking the words right out of my mouth.