My Dear Hubby and his brother went mushroom hunting this morning.  They came home with 4 pails full of honey mushrooms.

After I had them all cleaned I had a big dishpan full.

So that's how I'll be spending my afternoon ...
cooking up 'shrooms ...
and putting them into the freezer for use throughout the year until next fall when it'll be time to get some more. 


Here's a great recipe to use wild mushrooms in.



     1 cup cooked wild rice
     3 tablespoons butter
     1 onion, chopped
     1 cup chopped celery
     2 cups chopped fresh or frozen mushrooms (thawed)
     2 chicken breast cut into 1-inch pieces
     3 tablespoons all-purpose flour
     salt and pepper to taste
     4 cups chicken broth
     2 cups milk

   1. Prepare rice according to package directions.
   2. Melt the butter or margarine in a large pot over medium heat. Add the onion, celery and mushrooms and saute for 5 to 10 minutes, or until almost tender.
   3.  Add the cut up chicken breast and cook another 10 minutes; stirring and lightly browning the chicken.
   4. Stir in the four and salt and pepper to taste. Add the broth and milk and stir until soup thickens.
   5. Add the rice and allow to heat through, about 10 minutes.

Note:  Because of the longer cooking time of wild rice I like to cook it up in a big batch.  I then put it into either pint size or quart size freezer bags.  Then whenever I need it all I have to do is just thaw it out in the microwave for a few minutes. 

Here's my mushrooms after I cooked them down this afternoon.  Now to get them in to the freezer.

I also made up a kettle of the Wild Rice/Chicken Mushroom Soup for supper... the same recipe in this post.

So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Thank you Mel for visiting my blog and commenting. I look forward to reading more of your's. What ever did we do before we had the chance to blog hop? Such fun and great people.

  2. Hi, thank you for coming by my blog and leaving a comment. That's a pile of mushrooms. I myself don't care for them but I have two grown children and a daughter in law who love them. Enjoy eating that batch. Helen

  3. Hi Mel,
    That's a lot of mushrooms. The soup looks delicious, it would be so good when the weather gets a little cooler. It's still a little warm here but not for much longer.
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I look forward to reading more of your posts.

  4. I can almost smell their earthy aroma. Lovely pictures!

  5. Ok, I am really interested in food. I have no one from Wisconsin to follow, so I will keep and eye on your blog. I don't always post, but I am very interested (snoopy) in see what others are doing. Have a good Sunday.

  6. Wow, Slimmer got a mess of 'shrooms'... the soup looks was it? Liking the recipe segment... where's the rest of your blog?? miss it... have a Blessed week sister girl...

  7. Hi Mel! I sure am glad you like those shrooms.Ha! eeeeeewwwwww yuck. Well hope you enjoy them.LOL! Everytime I see that cake I want just a little piece.Its good that I can see it on the screen.Its safer this way.LMAO!!

  8. That is a big mess of mushrooms Mel. How does Slim know which are ok and which are like poison??? I've never seen so many at one time. Anyway, I love them but Floyd won't ever eat them if he knows they are in the recipe. He knew someone who ate a poison one once. Home made mushroom soup from hand picked mushrooms, sounds heavenly to me. YUM

  9. Hi Mel. Thanks for dropping by! I totally hear you about the D-word and the M-word; in my opinion, they are a woman's two greatest enemies. :D LOL