my daily apple ~

Every day I eat an apple.
Why?  Because I can :)

I've also started feeding my feathered and furry friends an apple a day too ~ just to keep them happy.  I NEVER toss an apple core into the garbage ... it just attracts those nasty fruit flies.  Instead it's become my ritual to do this:

I cut the apple from the core ~ then dice up the core and put it out on the bird feeder.  The birds LOVE it!  The reason for dicing it and not just putting the whole core out there is so it can go around to more than just one bird ... like the bluejay.  They will fly in and snag the apple from the feeder and none of the other birds get a taste.

We call this little nuthatcher the affectionate name  ~  "AsUp" ... because you always see it like this ~

Please don't toss your apple core or any other fruit scraps in the garbage.  Put them outside somewhere ~ your furry and feathered friends will appreciate your kindness.  Even if you live in the city and think that you don't have a place to put it  ... look around ... you do.  Even if it's tossing it beside a wall somewhere ... setting it on a window sill ... throw it in a ditch ... the mice will love you, the birds will love you ... the rabbits and squirrels ... they all will love you ... they need their vitamin C too :)  I don't consider this littering at all ... it's Up Scale Recyling ... re-purposing a reusable product. You used what you could off of it ... now it's time to share the remainder.  Even if the critters don't eat it and it rots down ... it's replenishing the soil with nutrients.  Who knows ... you might even be planting a future apple tree???!!!???!!!

~ 'lil Bucky' snacking on an apple:

... the yearling ... coming to get his:

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. I love this entry, and love apples. sometimes I eat the whole apple core and all. I like the idea of recycling, I prominse, honest I will start, because I try to eat an apple a day.

    Apples are to bve eaten with salt. From the time they will make a bit and are bitter, until they are ready to fall, but never, never after they fall. That is where the animals come in. hahaha. Sherry had cooked apples this morning, That is not the proper way to eat an apple. An apple is made to bite into and hear the sound of the 'crack' as it breaks away, You know like Eve did. All other apples are to be cookedc and canned by you folks who cannot chew. Apple sauce is for babies and folks w/o t-----. Well, anyway. I loved this one and I promise to try to recycle.
    From Florida a cool 71 outside!

  2. One little boy said to the other - "Say...when you finish that apple, how 'bout lettin' me have th core!" Second little boy (that'd be me) responds, "Shucks, when I git thru they ain't gone be no core!" Now I do feed the critters my un-popped corn kernels and a few bread and/or cracker crumbs off the table. ☺

  3. Great idea, I will feed my critters an apple a day also. Thanks, and Happy Halloween

  4. I have just started taking my old lettuce and cucumber peeling to the ranch and leaving them where I've seen the cottontail with hopes he/she finds it.

  5. The squirrel is the only one who eats my apples. The birds and deer look at me like I'm nuts. I don't get it. Little dummies.

  6. This is a GREAT idea. I LOVE apples but have trouble eating them with my teeth. So I cut them up. Recycling would be easy. Got a chuckle out of the nuthatcher affectionately named, "AsUp" Your photos are lovely.

  7. Sister dear~ I've been recycling scraps of food to the animals for years and years. We must have had the same teachers! Speaking of which ~ I've sure been missing Dad something awful lately.
    'love & hugs from afar'

  8. My chickens & ducks enjoy all of my recycling. There are always happy for the treats. The deer is beautiful. Your so lucky to have it so close. Blessings!

  9. Cute! I feed my apple cores to my horse! :)