another snowy day and out of the mouth of babes~

It was another cold one out there today.  Our Grandlove Bailey spent the night with us and went along on the trap line this morning.  She convinced us that she could miss Sunday school today; "because sometimes you just have to go trapping with Grandpa and her teacher would understand that".   :)  I told her I thought the Good Lord would let this one time slide ... she was so cute when she said, "Oh, I know God and he understands moments like this."  lol ... out of the mouth of babes ~

She then proceeded to tell her Grandpa that today he has to teach her something.  Thus the lesson began ... the art of walking in each others foot steps.

First she would follow ...

Then she would lead ...


She liked being the leader better than the follower.

Two people walked here ~ but it looks like just one.

Time to do more following ...

and come back leading :)

The woods were just gorgeous today ~

another beaver pond that DH has high hopes for in a few weeks

snowy birch
and cones
snowy spruce

Anyone need a big Christmas tree?

Bailey thought it was so funny when she got in the truck after checking a set with her Grandpa.  You see, Grandpa just put some lure by the trap.  The lure was skunk or fox urine ... something on the line of that ... and take my word for it ... it stunk!  Like skunk!!

Bailey, apparently was standing down wind from it when he was scenting it up. Oh did she stink!  I couldn't believe it how she thought it was so funny.  My eyes were watering when she got in the truck.  Then she made the comment that confirmed this IS GRANDPA SLIM'S GRANDLOVE ~

"Oh Grandma ... it's not that bad.  That's the smell of money."

OH MY GOSH!!!  That is what her Grandpa says ALL THE TIME ... out of the mouth of babes!

My Dad used to say that too when I was a kid and we raised ranch mink ... I always said, if that's the smell of money I don't want to be rich.  

Yep, it's a stinky job; but someone has to do it.

Thank goodness I at least get to look at some beautiful scenery while trekking around with the two stinkers.
We took a drive over to the boat landing to check out the ice on the flowage ... still a little iffy if you ask me.  It was good ice forming then we got this snow on top ... causing some slush spots.

Until next time...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. That snow looks so pretty. We are getting a litte much needed rain.

  2. those shots of the tall snowy pines are gorgeous!

  3. We woke to a winter wonderland too! Beautiful!
    Bailey is a hoot, gotta love what they come up with. I agree with her "God understands moments like this."
    'love & hugs from afar'

  4. I must tell you first what my girl just said. She started counting back to when she started reading 'Up North with Mel', it was back when I was fussing with you about the choc or fudge recipes. And she made some. She has been a fan ever since. She just said, "I think Mel is so cute, there is just something cute about her!" I said of course there is, it's Slim! (OK maybe Bailey) But I do agree!!!!

    Now I want to tell you I loved this one, and the Bailey's comments do make the day. Lovely pictures, but sweetheart, it do look cold!
    Thanks for the tour, it was beautiful, especially here where it reads 60 deg. outside.

    From Florida with Love,
    Sherry & Jack

  5. Didn't we ever wake to a gorgeous winter morning. It reminded me of the perfect Christmas morning...a perfect gift. Bailey said it right...what a champ to walk with Big Stinky.
    I canned all day and just finished at 8:30 tonight, noticing that it was so mild and warm out. Sure feels good out there.
    Beautiful captures, sister dear.

  6. What a sharp little bugger she is. I am sure you are proud. Looks like a fun day.

  7. That Christmas tree photo was choice. That little gal will be an experienced woods girl by the time she is grown. But that is a lovely way to grow up, close to nature when the guides are good.

  8. The photos are amazing!!! As far as missing Sunday School... she didn't. She witnessed God's majesty, firsthand.

  9. PHOTOS ARE GORGEOUS. It so makes me want to be there in that woods. Bailey is a real cutie. She's got her family's good common sense and a terrific sense of humor. You should be proud as a peacock. Take care.

  10. There is not a thing Bailey could have learned more than the lesson of appreciating the gifts we are given that grandpa taught her. Not so much in words but actions. Beautiful Sunday photos. I too was out enjoying our gifts.

  11. What a wonderful thing that Slim is teaching his grandchild how to lead and how to follow - plus - teaching her to value things that are sometimes stinky! What a family you are. Loved it.