It's a capital B with some capital R's right behind it BRRRRRRRRR......  When I woke up this morning at 5:00a.m. it was 0.5degrees out.  That's right ... 1/2 of a degree Fahrenheit ... that's cold enough for me.

Yesterday it was nice out ~ right around 27 degrees ... so I let Dear Hubby talk me into going along with him to check his trap line.  It was nice walking around out in the woods with him.  He was so thoughtful ... shaking the snow off the branches for me :) on some of the trails that we had to walk in on. 

We had such a light dusting of snow the night before.  It was pretty light ... not that sticky stuff that weighs a ton ... it's pretty easy navigating through it ... but in a few months time ... that will change.  All the snow we have right now is from just one night.

Here's a pic of our friend Porky with a nice 35 lb. bobcat that he harvested just three days ago ... notice we had no snow then.  Way to go Porky - I know you've been waiting over 7 years to get that harvest tag.

Here's Dear Hubby checking one of his bobcat sets yesterday:

We hiked into this pond with some beaver houses on it.

Dear Hubby is all excited about the ice thickening up enough to start beaver trapping.

I know ... there's a lot of opposition about this life style out there; but until you walk in our shoes and see how hard of work it is to keep these animals populations under control so they don't die from disease and worse yet, spread disease... don't judge us.  My husband has been an instructor for the state of Wisconsin in conjunction with the Department of Natural Resources for 15 years on trapper education.  He has also been honored as top lot trapper with NAFA - North American Fur Auctions.  Our family has been supplementing our income through the fur industry for over 35 years and for generations and generations before us.  It IS our way of life.

Another pond freezing up ... but not enough to safely walk out on ... yet. 

One of the snow covered roads we drove down ... I just love driving in on these roads when there's snow cover like this.  The sound of your vehicle is so muffled from the snow and there are no tracks from other vehicles ... Love it!
Not a good place though to have vehicle trouble.  We were way back in the woods on this road when Dear Hubby's truck sensor kept saying he had low tire pressure.  Hmmm... it never told him that before.  DH got out and checked his tires ... sure enough ... one was low; but it was still good enough to get us home.  We didn't even know his truck did that :) - told him if his tire was low.

We opted to walk this road ... instead of driving it.  It was so pretty and peaceful in the woods.

We saw some turkeys ... (yeah... Dear Hubby is a turkey sometimes :) ... but I meant the pics below)

and more turkeys ...

We also found this place where there were quite a few cherry trees with these big burls growing on them ... hmmm.... we need to contact the landowners and see if we can purchase some of those.  They would work great for a wood working project I saw ~ of some shelves made from burls.

Well ... thanks for coming along on my little woodland adventure.  We didn't harvest any fur yesterday - but did have an enjoyable afternoon together out in the woods.

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Thanks for letting us go on that trek through the snowy woods. Stay warm. Helen

  2. What a lovely trip. Of course I am taking the trip in 70 degree weather. That is a big bob tail Porky got. WOW.

    I love the scenery you and Slim get to see. It is beautiful traveling on virgin snow. I can remember that. Alos amazing you should mention the sound obsorbing snow, I have noticed that also. Thanks again for the tour. Now get warm!!!!

    Love from Florida!

  3. your sis dar just had me cold too. brrr!

  4. I enjoyed the walk through the woods. Thanks for inviting me. But I missed the sound of snow crunching under my boots and breathing in that cold crisp air. BEAUTIFUL pictures. I would have enjoyed seeing those wild turkeys. Stay warm. Take care.

  5. Your afternoon was delightful. I enjoyed traveling along with you. Have a great weekend, preparing for more snow. I guess winter is here!!

  6. Oh.My.Gosh... that's cold! I can't imagine living with that on a regular basis. We get into the teens on very rare occasions, but hardly ever into single digits. Pardon my bluntness, but it makes my boobs hurt to even think about it, not to mention my joints!

    Stay warm!

  7. Brr.. it looks so cold there.
    We are just starting to get a bit of snow here, and I'm certain that our deep winter is on it's way.
    I'm glad that you have a way of life that works for you and for your family.
    No judging here :)

    Have a great weekend!!

  8. Thanks for taking me along on your trip through the woods so pretty out there.Take care. Jean

  9. I enjoyed the trip through the snow covered woods. Must be nice to live in a winter wonderland at Christmas. Take care, Sheila

  10. Thanks for the walk. I love the bobcat. I would be trying to talk my hubby into a fur coat! We did a lot of coyote hunting when I was a kid and I loved every minute of it. They call it hunting for a reason. Those buggers are tricky.

  11. Great, Mel! Thanks for taking your readers along on this outing. I loved every minute of it - except the anxiety created by a low tire when off-roading into the forest. I'm glad your tire brought you safely out. I bought a battery operated pump for my 4X4 last time I experienced that. Love the winter scenes, the pictures of the bobcat and turkeys too!