trees up ~

I couldn't procrastinate any longer ... I needed to get my Christmas tree up.   I went down in the woods this last weekend with Sam and Ash, Sara and Don to get one ... which we did ... but it just turned out to be such a Charlie Browner that we ended up planting it in the flower bed outside with some lights on.  I ended up setting up my artificial tree... which I vowed I wasn't going to do this year.  The kids just begged me the last few years to quit using the fake tree ... so this year I only used half of it :)  Last year I had a real tree ~ so I don't know what all the fuss was about.  Besides that ... I like my fake tree.  I don't have to remember to water it!

I used to have boxes and boxes of ornaments and decorations ... but over the last few years I have given them away or thrown them out.  I was just tired of them ... I wanted to do something different.  So this year there are no bulbs on my tree ... just a couple silk pointsettia bushes that I cut apart and tucked in the branches, a few pine cones and floral picks of some berries, a few tufts of cut up tinsel garland and a black and red garland that I made from cutting up an old dress ~ that I also made the tree skirt out of.

The tree is half the size of what we normally have ... but all in all ... I'm satisfied with the way it turned out.  I don't think there is such a thing as a bad Christmas tree ~ even my Charlie Browner outside is beautiful all lit up at night.  

note to self ... take a pic of the Charlie Browner
I took a few more outside pics ... just thought I'd share.  It was rainy and dreary ... foggy out ... but still a beautiful day:

Ice setting in on the Turtle Flambeau Flowage - looking out from the old boat landing

 Rain drops ... turning to ice drops ...

 ~ a row of rocks ~

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Great tree, very old fashioned looking :) love the pics - especially the rocks! Thanks for the tip on your comment left on my blog - too funny!
    'love & hugs from afar'

  2. The tree looks great! The outdoors look brrrrr!

  3. LOVE your tree and the way you decorated it. The flowers are very pretty on it. Doesn't matter if it's real or fake. It looks dreary outside, all the more reason to stay inside and decorate. You did a terrific job. Take care.

  4. Your tree is beautiful. I love it. We have a bad case of the drearies here also. Its hard to get motivated. Happy days preparing for Christmas.

  5. I love what you done with the little tree. I would not have noticed there were no artificial ornaments. YOu done good. I think it is beautiful.
    Also love it because Sam's bear is guarding the stairs and tree. DON'T MESS WITH THIS TREE!

    Love you lady and Merry Christmas to you and all,again (and will be again)
    From down here.

  6. Hi Mel, It's great to hear from you. Love your little fake tree....I swore I'd never have a fake tree ---but I do now and love it.... Ours is pre-lit and we love it.. We've had it quite a number of years...

    Take care up there in ICELAND (ha) ---and have a Merry Christmas.

  7. I love how you decorated the tree. What a cute idea with the dress too! I really liked seeing what the landscape is like there. I thought frozen birdbaths in my yard were cold looking, but it looks a lot colder there!

  8. You must live next door to Santa, Mel! It's so cold and Christmasy looking. Are you sure you are not one of his elves? Beautiful decorations.

  9. Your tree looks beautiful!

    Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures too :)

    Hope ya have a great week!