1st snow ~

It's snowing ... and it's not pretty little snowflakes coming down ... we're getting dumped on!  By the looks of it ... I think it's gonna stick.  I'm really NOT READY for the long winter months to be upon us yet.

I still have a few apples left on the tree that I didn't get picked.  Oh well ... I guess the deer will get a treat when they fall.  I've already put up all the applesauce and sliced apples in the freezer and dehydrator that I'll be needing.

Thankfully, the wood shed is filled ~ almost.  Dear Hubby wanted to get one more row in under the roof part and at least one more row in the outside section. He has a big yellow birch tree downed already in the yard that should finish up the rows ... but now we'll have to deal with the snow on the wood to get into the shed.  Hopefully, this snowfall is a fluke and will melt off so we can finish up some of this work in better weather.

The woodpecker doesn't seem to mind the snow ... but I'm not a woodpecker ... and I'm not ready for it yet!

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. We've had the start of 'thick rain'. As the front moves east I'm sure we'll get our share. Stay warm and dry!!!

  2. Wow, Mel and here I just this minute posted what a mild month October has been in our neck of New England ... so far !
    Sending warm thoughts ;)

  3. We're getting ready for a cold, snowy winter this year, according to the farmers' almanac. I hope you get some down time before yours sets in.

  4. Holy cow, you ARE getting dumped on! I like cold apples, but wouldn't want to battle snow to steal yours.

  5. Not ready for snow here either! Hoping we have until November! A beautiful, warm, clear fall day here today

  6. Hang tough. Time to line up the indoor projects. I can relate to your desire to see fall last longer.

  7. Well what do you know? This scares me and I south. I know it is time to go to Florida.
    Great pictures, and I do like to see snow, don't evenmind a little, but you guys just enjoy tooooo much of it for me.

    Love you lady!

    PS: Ain't you supposed to be sorta taking it easy???? Just asking...(smile)

  8. Not ready for that to happen here.

  9. Not at all ready for this wet, sticky stuff that's coming down full-tilt. This stuff may just end our lil venture with the pumpkin wagon...grrr. Speaking of grrr, do you think it will send the bear into hibernation? I'll follow them.
    I guess we asked for it, living where we do.
    Living for the Moment

  10. Ugh snow! Seems a little early even where you are, hopefully it's just an anomaly...
    Happiness is a full woodshed!

  11. We didn't get any snow, but it sure feels like it could snow today. I'm not ready for winter either. Hope you are doing well.

  12. Now you just keep that white crap up there, don't be sending it down this way!!! I hope you enjoyed your 3 days of summer this year lol. If you need a break you can always come for a visit, leaves are just starting to change down here, so you can enjoy the start of fall again. Love ya and miss ya, stay warm and toasty.