autumn air ~

I don't know if the air changes that much where you live with the oncoming of autumn; but it sure does here!  I think that is one of the major reasons I love the fall season the best.  It just seems to trigger all your senses.

 ~ barberry ~

~ staghorn sumac ~

I love the smell of the air in the fall ~ the leaves, the grass, the peat moss swamp ...

I love the smell of wood.  I love the smell of the woods.

I followed the guys out yesterday as they took the tractor and jammer out to haul in some firewood logs.

While they were busy cutting up wood ... I walked around to see how many different kinds of mushrooms I could see... and smell.  I usually smell them before I see them.  I think I would of made a good hound dog 'cuz I sure do have a good sniffer on me.

~ a mushroom with pores ... I think it's a Hydnum Imbricatum ... which in Latin means covered with tiles.

~ a gilled mushroom ... possibly from the Russula family?

~ puff ball family ...

~ shelf mushrooms ...

Pholiota Adiposa??? or Agaricus Augustus ~ the Prince???

~ more shelves ...

~ Honey ...

... more puffs

??? maybe Club Foots ???

~ (above) the very poisonous Amanita Muscaria ... but oh so pretty.

~ ???? ~
Now if I only knew how many of those ~ and which kinds were the safe ones to eat!

That's why we planted the mushrooms we did ... so there would be no more wondering if's :)

  I still can't get over the size of these Wine Caps! 

~ white birch ... yellow birch ~

pretty pumpkins by the steps ... 

... and the smell of freshly blanched turnips ready for the freezer.  Now there's a smell you don't get every day!  

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. When we first built the log cabin by the creek, my younger Andy and I took a mushroom walk and did spore counts on nearly 50 different kinds. There are so many look-alikes, so the spore samples were key. to this day, the only wild ones we eat are the snow-white Giant Puffballs. You have the right idea, growing your own., then ya know for sure.
    Life is tasty

  2. It is safe for me to order at a restaurant, the mushrooms. I admire your knowledge for the flora, and still be be safe grow your own. A neophyte like myself would eat a toad stool.

    Hope YOU are feeling well, and smiling at life. I wish I had a great smeller, so much I miss. Mine is going with my hair. ha!

    Love to Slim, Sam and the rest. AND YOU TOO of course...(smile)

  3. LOVE all the mushrooms. I was wondering if you knew which ones are safe to eat??? Guess you have to be careful and just eat the ones you planted.

  4. I love all the scents of Fall, much as the sights, really. I can't believe all the varieties of mushrooms you have up there! Amazing. Do you know I haven't seen a puff ball in YEARS!!!! I had kind of forgotten about them. I sure loved to come across them when I was a kid! xo Diana

  5. Wow, that's a lot of mushrooms! Love the pics. When I was growing up, I always got a kick out of punching a hole in the puffballs with a stick. The only mushrooms I feel safe eating from the wild are the morel mushrooms. We call them 'molly moochers.' They are pretty unmistakable.

  6. So many mushrooms, must be the by product of a wet summer and fall. Great photos. I'm going home from my knee surgery (Appleton) It's quite a treck 120 miles, I'm sure I'll see lots of changing leaves. It would be better if the sun came out.

  7. Hi Mel, great pics, the mushrooms remind me of picking them in the woods in Germany when I was a wee little girl with my great grandmother:)

  8. I would love to follow a mushroom expert around for a couple of seasons! You have a lot of different kinds popping up at the momens!

  9. Beautiful blog site you have here! I signed on as a follower.

    I know about tractors and I know about firewood, I use both... But you got me curious, what is a "jammer"?

  10. Mom, can you eat the honey mushrooms???
    Wish I could be there to walk through the woods with you, I love fall walks. The porch looks nice with the fall decor, made me miss home!

  11. RE: Sara ~~
    What do you think you've been eating all these years? Those are the same kind Dad and I have been picking and canning for years.