back in time ~

My head is having a brain freeze and I can't think of anything of interest to post about.  I really do live a boring life some days!

So .........

I decided to share an oldie post with you ~ from back in 2009.  Some of you may have seen this before :)


the fest~

If there was ever a place that I wanted to be at, in the worse way, it was Woodstock! What a stir that gathering caused.

I remember being glued to the television set just waiting for Walter Cronkite to give his "we interrupt this broadcast to bring you updates of the happening of Woodstock." 
By the way my parents were talking you'd of thought the world was coming to an end ... or heading straight to hell.

I also recall Mom saying something on the line of all that loving couldn't be good ~ that was for sure . . . and I was thinking . . . are you nuts woman! That's what this world needs is more love. But I wouldn't of dared expressed myself like that to my mother! 
I do remember telling my parents that if I was just a few years older there was no way they would be able to stop me from going. That was when I was sent to my room to think about it... and was told that I couldn't watch the news anymore.

I was 11.

The early beginning of my radical years.

Oh the good ol' days...

It's still so funny to this day how my nieces and nephews call me the "hippie aunt". LOL
Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Hee Hee Oh I can identify with what you are saying ! My nieces call me Phoebe from the old friends series ~ :))

  2. wide, W i d e Bellbottoms, gauze flare-sleeved tops, a cig hanging out of your long blonde headed blasting...putting marshmallows on a bush and starting it on fire just to roast them, shall I continue...
    Oh, so they're right, your nieces and nephews. Oh the good ol' days,
    Life Still Good

  3. Mel- I was 18 and lived close to Woodstock, NY but did not go. I was so ingrained in a religious order that I thought I would die and go to Hell if I attended. lol I love the music that came out of there though. xo Diana

  4. Well sweet heart, we went, only 40 years later. hahahaha. We drove around Woodstock looking for the site. Finally at a restaurant we were told we were about 70 miles off methinks. So we drove down to Bethel to see the place. It was originally supposed to be at Wood stock, but ended up at Bethel.

    Yeah, I can see the Hippie tie-dyed girl in you!!!

    YOu would fit right in in Woodstock now. It is the Hippie haven.

    Love you lady
    Sherry & Jack

  5. I wasn't even a twinkle in your eye yet at this time, but I sure grew up with the love of the music that came from this era. Dad was sure on the opposite spectrum of music, which I love all of his oldies too. I think my two favorites are Janis Joplin (which Dad can't stand, but you love) and Neil Diamond (which you can't stand, but Dad loves.) I love you my hippie wanna be Mother!!!

  6. Oh to be able to go back in time, if only for one day...wouldn't it be fun.

  7. Oh you rebel you! There is some rebel in all of us ... unfortunately.

    I have trouble thinking of news worthy stuff myself and suffer brain freeze for months at a time. Ha!

  8. Hi Friend, Thank you for stopping by.
    Woodstock was an awesome time.I never got to go but my brother did. That's why I love going to Bethal, NY. What a great place. Anna