chi ~

What is chi (pronounced chee)?  

According to Chinese medicine, chi is the life giving energy uniting the body mind and spirit.  

Used in biblical reference it is that which God breathed into the dust to produce Adam.

Chi is the life force in all living things.  It's what makes the difference between vibrant and healthy versus sluggish and tired.  It is energy beyond the physical body, it is the mental body.  Chi is your emotions, your thoughts, your feeling of well being.  

I always heard of chi; but never really gave into the concept of using the power of chi as a healing agent. 

Heal thyself ??  is that possible ??  sometimes I think we need more.

I do know something that works ~ 
The Power of Prayer!

I feel weak ~ yet the Lord restores me and lifts me.  He has been there for me and continues to give me strength to get through.

I cannot count how many times I have "turned it over to the Lord."

My daughter, Sara was released from the hospital today.   She suffered with severe headaches and neck pain all of last week.  Saturday evening she had a seizure and became unconscious.  She slipped into and out of consciousness for several days.  She had a brain aneurysm.  

After a barrage of tests and procedures ... she is now fully alert but has no recollection of anything since being admitted to the hospital.  She doesn't remember any of the seizures or any of the test and procedures done on her.   

Now... all her motor skills have returned to normal and all her cognitive skills are also back.  

Praise the Lord!  

I have found my chi :)

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Prayers for Sara. Chi is a good thing.

  2. and Sara too, has found her chi, and understands that Power of Prayer to her Lord. Amen for her strength.
    It was so good to hear her voice yesterday, tho still needing rest.

  3. God bless her! Prayers for her continued well being.

  4. Sending out positive thoughts and healing prayers to Sara and to you and Slim too. You all have been ran through the ringer this winter.
    Sara is a lucky gal, I thank the good Lord above for seeing her through this. I pray she'll have a smooth recovery.

    (((Healing Hugs to you all)))

    Thanks for explaining about Chi. Like you, I had heard of it, but never knew what it was and like you, I found my Chi in the power of our Lord.

  5. SO GLAD to hear a good outcome of a potentially serious event. Take care, Mel

  6. Oh my, what a scary experience. Hugs to you and prayers for Sara!!

  7. What a sweet entry and wonderful results. What a shock to hear that about Sara. I am amazed and VERY THANKFUL she is discharged and home. WOW what a scare to Hubby and family. SOOOOOOO glad that the sweet thing is home.

    It is so good when you can feel peace inside about a physical problem.

    Love you and of course you guys (all) are in out thoughts and prayers......

  8. Loving the beautiful picture Mel and sending you hugs Annette x

  9. I'm glad she is doing well, what a scare that was!

  10. Thank the Lord! What a trial to go thru. You definitely found your Chi!!!

  11. My prayers for Sara added to the rest. My goodness what a shock. I'm glad you have such a good attitude about it, your family has had such a full plate lately.

  12. Your cup runneth over ~ and once again it's not your bra! (okay, only a sister would say that - but I'm your sister so I can get away with it.) So very thankful to our Lord for his healing mercies concerning your entire family. Love you all.
    'love & hugs from afar'

  13. I hope you see this alert.
    Hope you have the best ever. I have Sherry and both boys here.... We just got back from Russel Stover CHOCOLATE world. They are happy!
    Love to all