shrike ~

I heard a bird shriek out the window and what should I see: a Shrike!
A Northern Shrike to be more precise.

A Shrike is a predatory song bird.  Not all song birds are nice little birds ~ even though they may look like nice little birds.

Shrikes like to eat other song birds.  Yep, they're little bird killers.  When they come around the bird feeders they are looking for a meal ... and not one of seeds.  They are hunting for other birds.

They are even known to impale their captures onto thorny bushes or barbed wire fences and come back to "snack" on them at a later time.  

When this little guy flew in ... all the chickadees and finches flew off.  It kept flying up towards the window.  I'm thinking it may have seen it's reflection and was curious about it.  
Or maybe it  saw me and it REALLY had it's curiosity peaked ... LOL


It was interesting to watch ... and that's nature ... they have to eat too.

Notice that sharp hooked beak it has.  

The only time I've ever seen them here in my neck of the woods is in the winter months.  Here's a map from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology of their territory:

Awww... look at that face!  Who couldn't love a Shrike?

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. I wonder why I enjoy some predators and others not? I have never heard of a Shrike. But that is nothing new you are always educating me. Always enjoy the pictures and narratives. Stay warm up there, they say spring is just around the corner. NO, I don't know how far the corner is. (smile)

  2. Did you get a new camera? These images are wonderful! (not that all your images aren't wonderful, but these are exceptionally wonderful)

  3. RE: Ms. A ~ no new camera. I'm still using my old Kodak with the 26X zoom. These pictures were taken through the window too.

  4. Magnificent photos. You should be a nature photographer.
    The first time I heard of a Shrike was a couple decades ago when I watched a the 1955 movie 'The Shrike' starring June Allyson. She played a very maniacal woman who drove her husband insane and he had to be institutionalized.
    I never understood the definition of the Shrike bird as it was explained in the movie when the Doctor called June Allyson a Shrike. His description didn't exactly give the full picture of the bird...
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful photos and sharing the very vivid truth about this bird. I never knew what it looked like or that it was a carnverous song bird. That's remarkable, I would've never though a song of being like that.
    I understand the comparison to the bird in the movie now, a pretty little bird (June Allyson) who dominates and controls obsessively over whoever is in her reach. except for the murder part I don't recall any deaths in the movie.

    mmm, Oops, my age is showing. lol

  5. I thought what a sweet little bird when I first saw the picture. Now I'm horrified.

  6. You got some really nice pictures of your Shrike visitor!

  7. It is a cute little thing but I've never heard of it. Always learn something here.

  8. how deceiving, just like a she-devil. Sweet looking, but deadly intentions. I haven't ever seen one on this side of the river. so..
    I'll be danged!

  9. WOW! those are gorgeorus pictures!
    Wish you could teach me how to use the shutter speed on my canon to get good shots like that!

  10. They are pretty cute! You were able to get some really good pictures.

  11. That is awesome! I had one at the feeder a few years ago. I was trying to figure out what it was, when it nailed a bird at the feeder. I hate to say it helped with identification. Thanks for sharing such incredible photos.

  12. An interesting post. They look to cute to be predators!

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  13. Oh my....that last picture grabbed my heart....ADORABLE and sweet...