dear deer ~

Just thought I'd share some more deer pics with you today.  This little group was in the yard this afternoon.  

They have a few trails in the backyard that they walk through on.  As long as they stay on the trails they do okay ...

... but when they get off the beaten path it's up to their bellies and the going gets hard for them.

I love how this one is hiding behind the tree :)

They were struggling.  I can only imagine how hard it must be for them in the woods ~ especially if a wolf or something is after them.  

Ahhhhh ... there we go ... back on a trail again.

I sure hope we don't have to switch over from wood and use propane for heating.  It would have to be shoveled out to get to it.

With this bitter cold weather this winter the wood shed is getting lighter ... we're down to the last row and a half. That's a bad sign when you can see daylight through the last row.

We do have some back up wood piled on the outside of the shed ~ but we'll have to do some shoveling to get to it.

Anybody want some snow?  I have a trailer full loaded to go.  

Do you know what this is?

Angel Wings
It's the imprint left by an owl landing in the snow.  

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. How pretty! Never seen an owl land in the snow. Nice of you to share your pretty snow and animal pictures.

  2. Love seeing all the deer. And those angel wings took my breath away. BEAUTIFUL

  3. I hope your wood supply holds out. You'd have to get a good paying job to be able to order a fill of propane!!!LOL. Those poor deer, I'm afraid many will be lost due to the severe winter.

  4. Hopefully the Winter runs out before your firewood!

    It's been quite the Winter so far, prolonged cold East of the Rockies and crazy mild over here on the West Coast.

  5. Beautiful shots with the shadows playing a great part the angle you took. Love it. You B so smart. I would be scratching my head from now own at the beautiful Owl landing. Good catch there I would think. It is amazing to the neophyte how much wood you guys have gone thru. WOW

    Love ya and hugs to the Slim one...

  6. Yes, those poor deer. I never thought about the wolves. I had those angel wings in my snow as well - but it was from a mourning dove. Blessings from Ringle.

  7. We're acquiring about the same amount of snow right now here, but that's not the norm here in Massachusetts.
    The photo of the owl snow angel brought me to a standstill. Wonderful.

  8. The deer hiding behind the tree cracked me up! And I love the owl landing shot. Our deer haven't crossed the yard in forever because the snow is up beyond their bellies.
    'love & hugs from afar'

  9. Your wood really is going down. I wasn't using much wood it was so mild but boy, with the cold we are having now, it really does go down!!

    I don't usually see the deer but I see their prints on the back trail and a moose went through a while back too.

    Love the owl prints!

  10. Can there be a MORE than beautiful?
    Absolutely gorgeous...
    I'd love to have all of this in our backyard..

  11. Loved all your photos, Mel. I struggle with a paltry 3" of snow here; don't know what I would do if the snow were chest-high to a deer. Poor things.

    Love, love, love your Angel Wings photo! Awesome!

  12. Great deer pics Mom. We saw (just about hit) 3 deer last night on our way back to the new house. It was the first deer I have seen in awhile. They are struggling with the snow down here also, but not as bad as up there. I love the wing imprint too, I had an imprint like that in my snow bank at the old house from a cardinal. Love you and miss you.

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  14. Beautiful share , I love the deer .
    Stay warm Mel.

  15. So pretty! Love the last one of the owl snow angel.