sun shiny day ~

The sun is shining; but baby it's still cold out.  It's above zero though ~ ll degrees!  Time to take the camera outside instead of looking through the window.

Yes Chubby ~ I'm outside looking at you.
I named this little one Chubby because he's in my yard every day checking out what he ( I think it's a male) can browse on.  

If it wasn't for me putting corn, alfalfa and Chaffhaye out my apple trees would be demolished by the deer.

Yes, little one ~ I am still looking at you.  Sticking your tongue out at me isn't going to make me go away.
Go back to your browsing on the Chaffhaye block.

I only have around 5 - 7 deer that come in regularly.  There was some pretty heavy logging done down the road from us and the deer have herded up down there for the winter months. They browse on tree tops left from the loggers.

Chubby is a loner.  He's been coming in my yard since last spring when I believe it's momma may have been killed by wolves or hit by a car.  When the other deer come in ... they always chase poor lil Chubby out.  So I adopted him :)  I just wish I could get closer.

I think I could of had him eating out of my hand this fall ~ had I an apple in my hand.  You might remember seeing this pic in an earlier post.

Look how much he's grown since September.

No zoom here ... he was walking up to me as I was standing on the bottom deck step and talking to him

I pray he sticks around and stays away from the highway and predators.  A few more months and it'll be easier on the wildlife.  This has been a rough winter for them with all the snow and the bitter cold weather.

I hope you are able to enjoy wildlife and nature.

If not ... keep visiting and I'll keep sharing mine with you :)  Have a wonderful day!

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. How exciting to have this wild pet in your yard. No matter how many deer I see at the ranch I still get excited when we see one or any other wildlife.

  2. glad he has your yard to find sustenance. especially if the other deer shun him for whatever reason.

  3. I enjoy all wild life, but the larger animals always give me a thrill. Thanks for posting these. We have the Sandhill Cranes and Squirrels.

    Glad you feel like getting out and moving around. I know you love the out doors, that is for sure.

    Love from down here in Florida... Hug the Slim man for us... I hope he is jumping fences now. Okay at least getting around without pain.

    You also take care of you self..

  4. What a sweet deer. Glad he has someplace to get food.

  5. Chubby is looking Very healthy considering the deep, Deep, DEEP snow we have this winter. 27 inches of the white stuff got shoveled off the woodshed today...and yes, it was nice to finally get a couple days above zero, buuuuut, guess what we'll have this week again....

  6. The snow is sooo deep for the deer this year. I haven't had any at my feeder for weeks - too cold. It's just weird not seeing any. Chubby is pretty lucky.

  7. Glad that he has a place to eat. Hope predators leave it along.

  8. We are in a cold snap now after a long stretch of above average temperatures. Now it is brrrrrrr - rrrrr

    Not too much extra snow ... at least so far ... a good thing.