snow overload ~

We have a snow overload ~

It fell off the tree and tipped over the bird house ... and between the trees it's piled up about 10 feet high from falling off the branches.

All this snow doesn't seem to bother the Pileated Woodpecker ... he's content with checking the trees for grubs ... and coming to the suet feeder.

The snow is getting deep.

How deep?  Up to a deer's belly deep.

Notice the partridge flying in?

 The partridge are even getting lost behind the snow banks when they come in to eat alfalfa and corn that I put out for the critters.

Sorry for the blur ... but these pics were taken through my dirty living room window.  I'm so ready for spring so I can wash them inside and out.  I don't dare try it when it's this cold out ... I'll just have a big frozen smear of window cleaner on them :) I have discovered this from experience!  That's why I like getting my windows nice and clean before it gets cold out.

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. You and the camera are good. Always enjoy your photo showings and the narrative with them. I wanna tell ya thought, that much snow skeers me.

    Love ya and hope YOU and Bro Slim are doing good and staying WARM.

    WE Have Florida weather now 77* with a little over cast. No snow or cold in the future.

    Love from down here.

  2. Yes, we sure do have a ton of snow! Love the wood pecker pictures!

  3. very cool to see the partridge! and you got some great shots of the pileated! poor deer. poor you! :)

  4. I've never seen a partridge here but we have a pair of the pilateds coming every day. They get sort of upset if the suet is empty so we stocked up. Way too much snow this year and more on the agenda next week. Stay warm!

  5. Love the pics ~ our deer haven't crossed the yard in a couple of weeks because the snow is so deep. Now they use the trail made to the bird feeders and then across the driveway to the road.
    'love & hugs from afar'

  6. Ya, it's deep out there. I stepped closer to the feeder and I went in deep, over the tops of my boots that go up to my knees. Our brother pulled 2 ft. of snow off the cabin roof and there's that much on our sheds that has to come down this weekend. What a mess we have to look forward to when it starts to melt. I'd still rather clean up after snow than the mud.
    Love the pileated peckerwood...he's cool.
    You're a good provider for our friends of the woods and air.

  7. Great shots of the pileated. They are so skittish, any movement and they're gone. Wishing you warm sunshine to melt some of that white stuff!!!

  8. Yep that's deep all right. I like the Woodpecker's little red hat.

  9. Great photos. The red sure stands out. I wonder if our grouse would enjoy alfalfa as much. The deer eat it so fast, they probably wouldn't even know we put it out. Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed seeing the woodpecker.

  10. That is deep snow, for sure. LOVE the photos of the woodpecker.