joy ~

It snowed last night ... we got a couple inches ... and it's only in the 30's today.  Time to go out and brush off the snow and harvest the last of my mushrooms!

I was quite surprised to see that there were still this many coming on.  The darker ones are the Blue Dolphin Oysters, the light tan ~ the Pohu Oysters and the ones with the cracked looking caps are Shiitake.

I'm thinking a nice ol' kettle of mixed mushroom soup OR better yet ... a nice venison loin cooked on the grill smothered in 'shrooms.  Yum.

~ * ~

When the sun peeked out this morning it was so nice to see ... it left a nice glow cast across the living room ...

... but what really caught my eye was the blooms on the Thanksgiving Cactus.

They remind me of the flowers you see on orchids ...

 I love how the sunlight was filtering through the blooms :)

It's the little things that give me joy.

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Mel, The sunshine looks wonderful , so does your flower. I am not so crazy for mushrooms. but I like Campbell's mushroom soup. LOL. It is cold here in central Indiana today. It was only 38 degrees at 1:00 this afternoon....poor little kids will have to wear coats, hats, and gloves. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  2. Always a great visit to the north Woods. I love the color you show on the flowers. You always make me smile.
    Now I like mushrooms, but them shitcakes I ain't too sure off?
    (BIG SMILE) Love you sweetheart and hugs to Brother Slim.

  3. As a mushroom lover, those make my mouth water! I must have a Thanksgiving cactus too! Its blooming like crazy! Stay warm!

  4. I wondered how your mushroom growing was going.

  5. Pretty flowers. I see how they gave you a warm, fuzzy feeling.

  6. Hey Mel, where do you get your mushroom spores? We are thinking of trying that out! :)

  7. So, how was the soup or the steak and shrooms? They do look so wonderful.
    I must have the Christmas Cactus as mine doesn't bloom until then. Yours is absolutely beautiful and so many buds coming yet too.
    Sweet stuff.

  8. Very pretty cactus and with the sun shining through even more so. Of course no lack of sun here but it is supposed to be the coolest night we've had tonight if mother nature doesn't change her mind.

  9. Hi Mel, how wonderful that you harvest your own mushrooms. I bet they taste so much better than store bought, like a lot of other home grown veggies. Your cactus is so very pretty, thank you for sharing it with Today's Flowers and enjoy the rest of your weekend :)

  10. Those beautiful blooms would brighten even the cloudiest of days. Just gorgeous!!!

  11. Gorgeous cactus flowers. The colour is very pretty.

  12. The mushroom soup sounds delicious.. I love your pretty Thanksgiving Cactus blooms.. I should check mine plant to see if it is blooming.. Lovely images and post.. Enjoy your day and the week ahead!

  13. I could never get these to bloom so I'm glad to see yours! Lovely blossoms.

  14. Your mushrooms look delicious. I am going to try growing one or two kinds next year. I love the sun shinning through your Thanksgiving cactus flowers. Very nice photo.