i'm lazy ~

I admit it ... I'm feeling pretty lazy lately.  Not that I have time to be lazy; because I really don't.  I have tons of things that need to be done.  Now whether or not they get done ... that's another story.

I have a file cabinet of papers that have been haunting me ... saying "tax time" "tax time" ... "are you going to get the tax papers taken care of or what?"

That really wasn't the file cabinet haunting me ... it was my hubby!  Oh... I swear... the day I die he might as well go with me; because he sure is going to be lost if I go before him.  I have tried to organize things that "IF" I should not be available to him he'll be able to figure some of this stuff out ... BUT ... I have come to the conclusion that he is going to be a pain in the butt to my kids because they'll be the ones having to help him figure things out.

Note to self ... be nicer to the kids :)

Now he wants me to get on the horn and call around for a bunch of insurance quotes on the house, autos, boat, etc...   SO.......... do I jump right at that request?  Nope... I'm lazy.  I'm still "trying" to get into the taxes mode of mind.  So far it's not happening.  I think I'll procrastinate a bit longer on both.

Besides that ... it's cold out.

Now for a northerner like me to say it's cold out ... it's COLD OUT.  Tonight ~ with the windchill factors figured in we're suppose to be around MINUS 30F.  Today's high with the windchill factor figured in is around minus 15.  If you stand outside for 10 minutes with unprotected exposed skin you're a candidate for frostbite.  Not a good thing :(

Days like this I appreciate having the big wood stove and a shed full of wood; but just wish I didn't have to go outside to fill it.  When it's really cold like it is now we like to put some wood on it about every 8 hours or so.

We heat the house and the garage from that stove and all our hot water comes from it.  No gas bill or hot water heater bill here :)

The guys like this cold weather ... it's making ice!  As you know, our family is partially reliant on the fur harvesting industry.  The guys have been out beaver trapping and a good thick layer of ice for them to be on sure puts this momma more at ease. It is hard, laborious work in the winter for the the guys chopping through a foot or more of ice to make their sets.  Here they are with two of four beaver they harvested last weekend.

Nothing much going on around here.  The guys have been trapping.  I've been trying to be more creative with my cooking ~ trying to cut out the carbs isn't easy.  I'm missing my whites ... flour, potatoes, noodles and rice.

I think I'll go make some jello.  Isn't that creative! I don't want to blow my lazy streak!!

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. I used to handle all the paperwork around here, so I understand how you're feeling. It gets tedious, for sure. TOO cold for me. I don't know HOW you do it? But the ICE sounds important for your trappers so that's a good thing. Loved your photos. Looks like my next door neighbor's shed with all that wood. He uses a wood burning stove to heat his place. Wish we were more self reliant than we are. But being older and in poor health, we do what we must to get by. Take care.

  2. Jello sounds good, lol... My son has one of those outdoor furnaces and he and DIL love it. So do I when I visit. He used to trap years ago also. He used to strap my granddaughter on his back and traipse around the woods. Good days. Cheers. LJ

  3. I love lazy (procrastinating) days. Just sitting in front of the TV thinking about all the things I have to do. Today, my goal is to get our bedroom livable. We've been climbing over boxes for weeks. See how far I get. Stay warm sista'

  4. Hello Mel! Nice to meet you. Thank you for following and visiting my blog. It's cold and snowing again here. I know what you mean about the taxes and other paperwork like that. I wonder what my husband will do to handle it all if I go before he does. I guess he will figure it out eventually one way or another. :)

  5. I loved this post - but I find it hard to believe you are feeling lazy. Loved seeing that woodshed full of wood and know the meaning it has when you heat everything wit it. That is a wonderful idea to heat the water with it also. I've thought about building a firepit at the cabin with a metal barrell on top - piping water into the cabin...but I get there seldom these days. Or maybe it's must my laziness taking over? ☻ ☻ ☻

  6. Taxes, that's exactly what I'm getting together to wait for the W2's, etc from the bank, etc. Nothin's in the bank so what the hey!~~~at least I got ONE annual small file box emptied. What do I keep this crapola for anywho.
    It sure was a bitter minus 15 when we woke up at 5 this wonder the floors were icy.
    Stay warm and good luck with that anti-carb thing...never works for me, so let the pudgy bunny grow.
    BlessYourHeartSis~~~~call me bout' that insurance thingy

  7. You string a good line lady, but having been in your house and out buildings, I know there ain't a lazy bone in there anywhere. Tax time is enough to ruin some good plans however. I see Slim and Sam have their hands full, Yeah, I read where Slim is a hand full himself!!!

    Love you girl and stay warm Love the entry!!!!

  8. Yep those ole' taxes just keep on coming around. I swear its more often then once a year.

  9. I refuse to think about tax time... it's too taxing!

    Stay warm!

  10. I'm with you on the lazy part. I think it's all this cold blah weather that brings it on.
    My husband would also be lost if I was unable to help...not sure what would happen then but it's scary to think about.
    That's awesome that you can heat with all that wood and safe some $.
    Cutting all that firewood is a big chore but well worth it.

  11. As hard as you work, you deserve a little downtime when you want it. Have a great weekend, Sheila

  12. At least it isn't supposed to stay super cold!! :)