Thank you ~

A HUGE THANK YOU!!! to everyone who helped make the JPD Warrior Fisheree making it such a HUGE SUCCESS!!  We have a great family, friends and community that came together this year again showing support towards our quest of getting the word out on suicide awareness.

 You can check out the winners green ticket and fishing winners HERE  There were some really nice fish registered again this year.

As soon as I get some time ~ I will  be putting the photos of the event into the JPD Warrior Photo Album.

A sad note for me today ... I found out that Slide.Com is closing down on March 6th.  That's where I have my slideshows stored.   I had to do some exporting of files this evening so I didn't lose the files and photos... bummer.  If you still want to see my some of my scrapbooking pages just click on the links  up above while they are still working.  I'll soon be taking them off. 

Another sad note ... my little deer has gone missing.
I've been feeding him since early October and would see him just about every day.

I haven't seen him now for 4 days.  Tonight I could hear the wolves howling like crazy down in the swamp ... I sure hope he hasn't met his demise to those nasty critters.

Now that we have the fund raiser behind us ... maybe Slim and I can get back to doing taxes and cutting wood all those other fun things!  I'll keep you updated :)

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Oh, no... hope the little deer is okay!

  2. Worried about your little friend. I hope those mean old wolves didn't take him down. Let us know if he comes back.

  3. Little Dear probably noticed that you were missing too, being so busy with the fisheree. So happy it was a success again. Sorry I didn't make it but know you do wonderful work. Will talk later~~~

  4. Like Dar suggested, maybe Little Dear Deer wondered where you were because you were gone and he has set off to find you? ☺ I'm glad your Fisheree was such a success and anxiously await the pictures. Sorry about the site shutting down that carried your slides. Best of luck getting everything off and in a safe place. I bought a couple of outboard drives for storage purposes (a 240G and a 2T (2 Terrabyte). Video eats up lots of space.