thru my window pane~

I hear a woodpecker raising havoc over something.  He's not a very chipper little fellar ~ what's ruffled his feathers now?

There's the problem ...

The little deer is in the yard and it's cleaning off the bird feeder.

Or maybe the turkeys are just a little bit too big and intimidating for the woodpecker's comfort ~

Or maybe he had his eye on the apple that deer put a claim on ...

... and has the gall to eat it in front of him!

Don't worry Mr. Squawky Woodpecker ~
the deer is leaving ...

... the turkeys have had enough of you too ~

one more glance over the shoulder to see if you're still having a hissy fit ...

You won this round; but tomorrows another day.
I'll be back :)

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. The cold weather must be worth it to be able to have so much wonderful wildlife.

  2. such wonderful nature neighbors!!!

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  4. I love this one. You fit the photo perfectly with the animals thoughts (wonder what that means? LOL), Hope all is well with you. We always be missing you when you are gone,but know you have been busy being MEL!.

    I say that Mel is sweet, Sherry says yeah and 'CUTE'!

    No matter, we love it when Up North With Mel' pops up on the alerts.

    Our best to Mr. Slim, and Sam the man, if he is around.

  5. I'd sure like to have the view out your window!

  6. Wonderful photographs of your back yard wildlife!

  7. I love the photos of the wild things in your yard! Thanks for sharing Mel.

  8. I'd say the lil woodpecker had his say and got his way...another nice day out your window pane.

  9. LOVE this story and all the photos. I want to be a part of the little bit of heaven in your backyard. Just BEAUTIFUL there. All that wildlife too. ENJOY! Take care. I wish you joy, happiness and good health in this New Year.

  10. Looks like this is a perfect setting for anyone to live. Anyone who wants nature and animals around, and who can relax. How urban persons like me may be wanting a place like that for us .

  11. NICE!! You are only missing the squirrel yelling at everyone! :) Happy New Year!

  12. If I had such a show going on in my yard, I would get nothing done. Lucky you and great shots.

  13. You have so many cute visitors to your yard! It really looks like winter there too with the snow. Here it's been so mild, just rain and wind.

  14. Love the projected thoughts you put into the bird's head ... and the deer and turkey too! ☺

  15. Back home from Bama and trying to get caught up on blogs. Thanks for the holiday wishes, hope yours were wonderful. Stay warm, Sheila