snow much fun~

Brr... it's a chilly one out there this morning.  When I got up at 4:30 with Dear Hubby to pack his lunch and send him off to work this morning the thermometer read -20 ~ add the windchill on top of that and we're looking at a minus 30 degree morning.  That's even a bit on the frosty side for me!

Yesterday afternoon, when I went outside to fill the woodstove ... I couldn't get the front door to open.  I was locked in the house.   The mechanism in the door was frozen shut.  Luckily, the sliding side doors by the dining room worked and I was able to go through those.  After some wiggling and jiggling I finally got the front door to work.  At least I was on the inside looking out and not the other way around :)

Last weekend - when we had our tropical heat wave of 20 above zero Fahrenheit I got in on some of the fun in the snow with my eldest and my youngest, Staci and Sam and two of my Grandloves, Brooke and Bailey.  We went for rides in the sled behind the snowmobile through the trails in the woods.

I did some of the driving ...  but more riding.  The kids just giggled with excitement that I dressed up and came outside to play in the snow with them.

What the pictures don't show are the SCREAMS coming from Brooke.  She was hollaring up a storm the whole time she was in that sled.

Bailey is somewhere behind all those layers of clothes ...

It was fun for me too ... I know there were smiles behind those masks and goggles.

It was a joy too that my baby boy Sam ... who's in his 20's ... but still my baby no matter how old he gets ... was out there being a fun and loving uncle letting Bailey drive the snowmobile for him.

Speaking of the snowmobile - how do you like that old bugger.  I believe it's a 1985 model.  It's older than Jack ~ well at least older than Sam.  We haven't had a snowmobile for years; but a few weeks back the guys came across this one for sale.  It hadn't been run for years ... a few minor adjustments ... and they got it running.  It's their trapping mobile for running the river this winter.  It isn't a fancy machine like the new ones are now days ... but it will serve it's purpose ... getting the guys from point A to point B ... and hopefully will make their trapping days a bit easier.  It'll also provide some winter fun for me ~ and the kids :)

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Hello Mel, Happy belated Birthday....



  2. What a machine! Vintage! It will give you lots of enjoyment. Thank heavens hubby is vintage also, cause those old machines need lots of fixin' and he'll be able to do it!!
    Wow, pretty scary being locked out, I hope you have a plan B in your pocket so you don't freeze to death. Stay warm my friend.

  3. It's been awhile since I've locked myself inside, but today is one of those choice days with these bitter temps. By Sun. we will have another Jan. thaw and the weekend of the fisheree should be nice on the ice.

    Love that ol' ski-doo....Andy was just asking what we ever did with the ol' elan. It's probably in some parts junk pile in MN. somewhere.

    You didn't tell everyone about dumping Sambo and Brooke (or was it Bailey) in the farm yard and not even knowing it, and driving off without them....hilarious.
    Stay warm~~~

  4. Hi Mel, I cannot imagine temperatures that cold... But I love your snowmobile.. Your entire family will love it...

    Good Luck with your cold winter--and try to stay warm.

  5. RE:Dar ~ I know... I'm bad. I'm such an inattentive driver! We were out in the field and I made a big sharp turn, the sled goes swinging way out and they just kept on going... and I just kept on driving. I didn't even realize I had lost my passengers until I had crossed another 40 acres!! Thank goodness it was Sam and Brooke in the sled and not Bailey. Although I wouldn't have been making a hairpin curve like that if she would have been in there. No one was hurt and I gave up my driving for the day. Then they put ME in the sled. Let's just say I'm lucky AND I discovered something else about myself that day. I can scream louder than a snowmobile!!

  6. Love this entry, and at 69 degrees it was fun joining you (on the monitor). Yo guys are one tough bunch, but it really does look like fun and I know everyone enjoyed the Year older mama and Grandma out in the snow screamiong and having a ball.

    Love the entry and comment. Thanks for a glimpse of YOUR WINTER!!!! Thank good ness we are short sleeve weather now.

    Love you cutie and I see you are still celebrating!!!!

  7. glad you enjoyed easier temps when you had them! brrr!

  8. Cool machines! We are getting winter type weather now -- I love it!

  9. Looks like FUN riding in the snowmobile. Glad everyone had a blast.It was 7F last night and I thought that was cold. You must be laughing at the notion. We are expecting 4 inches of snow tonight. What about you? Take care and stay warm.

  10. What a wonderful grandmother you are, Mel! Good on you for playing with those children. It reminded me of my Frances in our earlier years when we had an unusually big snow (for us) here in Tennessee. She was just 50 at the time (25 years ago). Love the snowmobile!

    And Mel, do be careful about getting outside and letting the door freeze shut. That could be hazardous to your health. ☺

  11. Wow! Looks like everyone was having a great time!

  12. Does that kind of cold ever make your body HURT? I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be able to move.

    Stay warm!

  13. Happy Belated Birthday on the 17th, Mel!!!

  14. You all look like you're having a great time! Sounds way too cold for me. It was 4 degrees Fahrenheit this morning here, and I thought that was cold! :D

  15. I appreciate your comment on my blog. It has been 6 above but last night was supposed to drop below zero. It is great to see you and the kids having so much fun. I just do not think I could take that extreme cold you have but of course I guess we all adapt. Thanks again.

  16. Mel, I get such a kick out of the kids reactions when we get out and play with them. You made me miss snowmobiling! Another gray day with wind and snow here.
    'love & hugs from afar'