fairy garden ~

Along the side of the garage I put in a flower bed the full length of it.  I decided it would be a good place to turn into a fairy/gnome garden since it's under the eaves and doesn't get beat by the rain too bad.  

This is an on going project :)

It has lilies of various shades, peonies, dianthus, irises, columbines, lily of the valley, semps and sedums, succulents and hostas growing in it.  Also tucked into the plantings are little homes for the fairies and gnomes.  Eventually, as the plants fill in, the little fairy/gnome homes will blend right in with nature ~ as intended.  

Who knows what you'll find in the garden ~ as the little woodland creatures are known for their mischief and borrowing from the humans.  When you first glance at the little garden you don't notice what all's going on. Fairies and gnomes like to blend in and have some elements of surprise.

Like this ... it's unexpected ... it's  a big old bone ~ sitting on a birch bark mat with a little rocking chair ...
 a nice little place for a weary gnome to take a rest.

An outside dining area ... with a coco-mat floor and fern frond walls ~ a nice place for an evening feast.

  A pathway of bamboo ...

... leading the way to the next little home.

Follow the stepping stone path ...
past the bird houses and chimes ~

There lives a grumpy old troll ... 

I don't think he likes rhymes :(

Who lives up there in that hollow tree?  Do you know where I put those skeleton keys?

Further on ... down the path of sea shell stepping stones ... 
yet another house ... more complete ...
an arbor and picnic table ...
and a fire pits with seats.
Are there hobbits in the garden ... or a fairy or elf?

Who lives in the hole of the hollowed tree?
The garden's full of mystery ~ you must look very close to see.

Be careful when walking the pathways and trails ...
there are dangers here too ...
like a fence line of wire that will trip and confuse.

Trinkets and treasures I'm sure will appear ~ who knows what will show up in here.

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. I've been waiting for this!!! I love it!

  2. Wow these little gnome homes and gardens are getting quite popular. Your's is delightful.

  3. What a fun garden of discovery.

  4. Yes, YES! I remember when your yard was covered in snow, you were making the chair and other do-dads for your anticipated Fairy Garden. Beautiful, drawing from your North Wood knowledge of 'Things that Grow' you work beauty!!
    Love it!

  5. Oh Mel.... I am so impressed... Love your Fairy Garden... How creative... I LOVE LOVE LOVE it.. Your grands will love it also!!!!! Thanks so much for sharing this...


  6. OMG Sister, sister ~ YOU ROCK! I love it. Once this weekends garage sale is over with, and the garden gets planted ... I'm going to attempt to put together my washtub fairy garden. Priorities you know!
    'love & hugs from afar'

  7. I LOVE it. Adds a touch of whimsy to the garden. reminds me of the Gnome House we had years ago. It looks marvelous.

  8. I loved this as we walked beside it and worked on it. Thanks for letting me help. It was mystical and took me back to childhood dreamland for a bit. I have to go back and enlarge the pics now and dream some more.
    Oh, got the gardens in, all 3 of them., now, let it rain.

  9. Beautiful little garden, Mel! I enjoyed the trip down that path, so many neat little things! So whimsical!