Happy Mother's Day ~

I hope you're having a wonderful Mother's Day!

Dear Hubby and I jumped on the 4-wheeler this morning and took a ride over to the farm to see my Mom.  Of course, she was out and about ~ putzing around in her flower beds and just getting done with her morning chores of feeding and watering her chickens.

The farm is no longer overflowing with kids and critters as it was in it's prime.  There were nine of us kids, actually 10 but I had a little brother that passed away as an infant.  I don't know how she did it; but somehow Mom kept all of us in line and we all made it into adulthood without too many problems... lol.  (me probably being the only exception... I was the little hell raiser out of the bunch).  Mom blames me for 3/4 of the gray hairs on her head.  One out of 10 ... that's not too bad of odds! You done good Momma!!

She's so proud of her little flowering almond which finally decided to bloom ~

Yes... that's a gun propped up against the tree in the photo ... I had to eliminate a sap sucker for her that was nailing holes in the willow and apple trees; which kills them.  Gotta keep the momma happy :)  She doesn't like sap suckers.

I took  a stroll around the place to see what's going on ... like the blooming of the chestnut tree.  It's just loaded with bees and swallow tail butterflies.

The old fence fence, no longer of service ... which once held back cattle and horses in it's prime is now showing it's age:

A set of old wagon wheels from Dear Hubby's grandparents place.  When we moved into our present house we put them over at my Mom and Dad's place up against the fence while we were building.  We never brought them home ... they found their home against the fence line at the farm.

A LOT of great memories over at the farm ...  and I came home very grateful for such loving parents growing up there.  My Dad has passed on; but I still carry very fond memories of him and think of him every day.  Mom's lifetime partner is gone, she's lost two children already but carries on, knowing that someday she too will be reunited with those who have gone before her in eternal life with Our Lord.  Until that time comes... I wish her the happiest of Mother Days!  Remembering and cherishing such fond memories throughout her lifetime ... like the day she had me!!!!!!!!

H A P P Y   M O T H E R 'S   D A Y !!

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. i'm glad you still have her and treasure her. :)

  2. Mel, this is so very refreshing to read! Great work, Mom. Loved all the pictures of the place you grew up and of your Mom puttering about.

  3. What a wonder to still have the old home place and Mama too! She is such a dear. Easy to fall in love with. I remember her line about your dad, "I wasn't looking for a good looking man, but a good father for our children." She seemed to have gotten both.
    Very good entry my good friend. Love the pictures and your trip around the farm.
    Good getting rid of the sap suckers!
    Happy Mothers Day your own self!!!!

  4. Very good pictures they bring back memories when I was growing up on a farm. Your mom is a lovely, lively lady love the pictures of mom. Take care. Jean

  5. You are lucky to still have Mom around to visit. She appears to be in good health. Must be all that hard work she does on the farm!

  6. Your mom must surely be a candidate for sainthood! God bless her.

    Hope your Mother's Day was wonderful!

  7. Beautiful..... You are so lucky to be able to go back home, treasure those moments!!

  8. Great pics of our 'Mom' and 'the farm.' When I was home I wandered around too, and it bought back a lot of those same memories of days gone by. Sure do love all of you.
    'love & hugs from afar my dear Sister'

  9. Mel, you did a wonderful job on this from the pics to the truth. Mom and Dad had their hands full but we all did survive a heart full of sweet memories. Oh, that fence that held so many days playing with the animals, after the chores, of course.
    Thanks for addressing Mother's Day so, about her cherished moments?...surely you meant the day that her twins were born,. that would include me. It was great strolling with you around the farm.