you never know who or what is watching you ~

6:30 yesterday morning ...
I'm sitting in my chair by the window with my camera ~ watching four black squirrels raiding the bird feeders ...

and trying to get into the grill ...

when I see a flash of black out of the corner of my eye ... thinking it's another black squirrel ~ crawling over my plants ... about three feet away from me ...  on the other side of the window pane ... the camera is up to my eye as I scan over that direction ...

Dang... that's a big squirrel ~~  zoom out a bit ...

Cheez Whiz and Peanut Butter on a Cracker!!!  
I hate it when they sneak up on me. 

It was a yearling bear cub ... around a 100 pounder.  He was sneaking up the steps of the deck.  I'm sure he was on his way in to check out the hummingbird feeders and the sunflower seeds that the black squirrels were snacking on.  Those were the only two snapshots I got of him.  I think I startled him as much as he startled me :)  He took off on a full run for the woods.

Never a dull moment around here.

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Wow! That was a close encounter! We had a bear visit us a couple weeks ago. The bear did some damage. What I was most upset about, though, was that I didn't see the bear!

  2. What a way to jump start the morning!

  3. Oh my! That would have made me jump for sure.

  4. Good morning huh? I think I'll be happy just worrying about squirrels in the feeders.

  5. Awww shucks, send that little sucker down here, we need some excitement, we are just watching the grass grow and Sherry's bone mend!!

    That is neat. You got some neat pictures of the squirrels though! Like the way they pose!

    Just thinking of you and slim today as I made a note about Brandy. I have two pictures of that lab that come up quite regularly.

    Love from down here in the Mts., where we used to see a lot of Black Bears! Not too many any more.

  6. The whiz and whatever would NOT be on a cracker... it would be in my drawers! That's a little too up close and personal for me!

  7. Now that was a really exciting morning!

  8. Wow, Mel! What a fantastic encounter with the black bear. We have a few over near our cabin in the Cherokee Forest.

  9. Wow, Mel! What a fantastic encounter with the black bear. We have a few over near our cabin in the Cherokee Forest.

  10. You can put the blame on Sam cause didn't he just get done saying, " haven't seen any bear around here, ... yet!" Well, there ya have it.
    Nice ear shot.

  11. Never a dull moment indeed. That bear would have knocked the wind out of my sail, I can tell you that. Lucky for you, it wasn't his momma or poppa. Take care.

  12. Great shots - the first bear one looks like an alien with sun glasses on. lol
    'love & hugs from afar'

  13. What a surprise at your own porch. I have seen some close by but not on the homestead grounds yet. The wildlife likes your home for sure. Blessings!