Concert4aCause aka. mudball fest ~

This weekend was the Concert 4 a Cause at the Butternut Park ~ co-sponsored by the JPD Warrior Project and the Relay for Life Butternut Butterflies / American Cancer Society.

It's an annual fund raiser for the organizations ...
food / raffles / music / tractor-horse pull / minnow races / games / kickball tournament / horseshoe tournament ... a lot of fun for all ages.  They had to cancel the tractor-horse pull because of the weather.

 ~ minnow races ~ 
you can blow on the minnow to make it go; but you can't touch it

One of the top entertainments this year was the kickball tournament.  Take some enthusiastic players ... add a little rain on to an already rain soaked baseball field ... and it's a mud ball fest !!  There was a LOT of slipping and sliding going on. 

I don't think any of them minded the weather ... they were all having fun ...

Our team (the JPD Warriors) took second place ~
losing to the "clean team" the We've Got The Runs - yes ... that's the name of their team ...

the hand shakes and high fives amongst captains and players ...

a few nice "taps on the back" for a job well done ... "did you really think you were getting off that field in a clean shirt??"

does anybody have some shampoo?

~ the cousins on opposing teams ~
laughing their heads off

a little mud wrestling 
Who's the dirty one now ??...
... looks like you "Catman"... lol
Oh oh ... I see trouble brewing amongst our crew ...

What are those girls up to ... besides laughing hysterically ...
I don't think anyone is going home clean ...

There was a lot of laughs and it was ton's of fun ... thankfully I was only a spectator :)

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. A muddy mess. A worthy cause. A day of fun, for sure.

  2. Looks like lottsa fun for a good cause. I had never heard of a minnow race, thats cute for the kids.

  3. I'm cringing at the mud and the shoes that will never be the same again! However, back in the day I would have been game, probably barefooted.

  4. Looks like everyone had a blast for a great cause...those were the days., only I think we just used water?...the minnow races-what a cool idea. Did Bails win? She's so cute in her little blue dress;)

  5. Did I miss something, or did you stay clean? Sam done well, he got a little muddy!!! All for a good cause and lots of family fun too.
    Love it, but I ain't a mud person 'NO MO'

    Love the entry..
    Love also from here!!!

  6. I never heard of minnow races, but might be something to incorporate in one of our fundraisers in this neck of the woods. Mud is fun too!!!