good day 2 u 2 :) ~

I just love pansies and the variety of colors they come in.  I love this red and yellow ~ so vibrant.
But ... it's little cousin ~ the Johnny Jump Up rates right up there too ~
I don't know a flower that I don't like ... I love them all!

Good morning crows ...

Who's this sneaking around the back yard?

 Good morning young Mr. Buck ...

You better not be up to what I think you're up to ...

... oh you little bugger ... I know where you're heading ...

... straight over to the varigated dogwood bush that I see you already ate half of ...

... a forever going battle ...

You win!

Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Always a kick to come here. You have some great shots here. I like it when you nature folk have conversations with the wild life. They don't stick around long enough for me to watch.

    I have found blue birds are more fearful than chickadees, I hardly see the new family that moved in here.

    I would love to see a deer walking in my back yard. (Not sure about your bears though!!)!!
    Love from here, Hug Slim for us.

  2. My deer are eating everything is sight!! Uggggggggggggggg!! When is this state going to have an open season on crows? They wake me up every morning. Someday I will take matters in my own hands. Call me 'shotgun granny'.

  3. When I left your place yesterday morning, your young buck just stood there when I honked the horn, and put his head down and continued to graze on your shrubs...he will learn fast, won't he, come fall. He has lots of growing to do, at least several years.

  4. Gorgeous images, Mel! I might be tempted to get me a water canon, to keep the deer off my plants, if I had plants, or deer. However, it would make it much more difficult to shoot him with your camera!