summertime fun ~

Dear Hubby and I managed to catch a few ball games this week.  Here's our second oldest Grandlove ... Brooke, age 13...
and our youngest Grandlove, Bailey, age 6 ...

Last night after the games we visited Movrich Park in Fifield on the way home and took a little swim to cool down.
Movrich Park is a nice little place on the south fork of the Flambeau River.  It runs right through the edge of the town of Fifield, which is four miles south of Park Falls and four miles east from our place.

There are two bridges, the north bridge which crosses on State Hwy. 70 and then the old south bridge a block down.  The swimming area is between the bridges, below the rock and water falls.

There's a nice little landing there for canoeist and for going in for a swim.  People like going up stream and sitting on the rocks.

It's murky and muddy in places on the bottom; not the best place for little ones to swim - but fun for the older ones.

The park does have a nice new playground for the little ones.

the rocks...

Brooke and Veronica fighting the current trying to get up to the rocks ...

... they made it ...

... now to jump back in and float the river current back down ...

and do it again and again ...

and again ... here comes Kayla ...

Yes... they were having fun!  Slim and I even did the current float a few times.  But I must admit ~ I don't have the stamina nor does Slim anymore to keep up with those kids.  They're like a family of otter out there in that water. 

Even Bailey went swimming ...

She wouldn't go near the current and the rocks this time ... she stayed closer to her Mom and shallower waters.  Last week she went up on the rocks with her Uncle Sam and came down the current and I think she got a little scared.  She said she was never swimming again!

Veronica and Brooke

Brooke didn't believe me when I told her I got a picture of her "bear butt" ...

Summertime fun.
Until next time ...
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Looks like a wonderful way to spend the day. haven't been swimming in years. Love that BEAR towel. Too cute. Take care.

  2. These photos are SO refreshing! It's dreadfully hot, here.

  3. The water looks sooo cool. We could use some cool here.

  4. Most kids now have no idea what a swimming hole is. Only Pools. Pools are nice, but I really loved the rivers and creeks. good shots lady, I cannot believe you 'n Slim are winding down!!!! hahahahaha

    Love from down here. A clean river would have felt nice today.

  5. Looks like the perfect thing to do on a hot, summer day... It's been miserable here --and got to an ALL-TIME record yesterday with a high of 102.... Gads--that is yuky at best... ha

    Love that park and river/swimming area. I believe I'd just lay out there on a float and let the current take me wherever it went.... (Not sure how I'd get back though... ha)


  6. I'll be, now how did I miss this entry. Looks great. I haven't dipped in the Fifield hole for years. Sounds like a plan. Looks like the kids are having a blast...a blast from the past for me.