musky ~

Congratulations to my brother Eric on a fine catch!  A 48 inch 25 lb. musky.

Where did he catch it?
Right in the lip! lol

He said his bait was laying in it's mouth sideways right between the two bigger teeth.  
You know those fisherman ... can't divulge too much information.

This one sure had small teeth ... I wonder why?  Maybe it was a big for it's age youngster.  I really don't know anything about aging fish or really to care to know that information.  I'm just happy for my brother on such a fine catch and can't wait until the night he said he was going to have us over for stuffed musky on the grill.  I haven't had a meal of that for years.  Probably about 15 years ago when my brother in law Jeff used to fish musky and grilled one up one day when we were camping. 

Have you ever been bitten by a musky?  I have ... and trust me ... it's not a very fun situation when you're swimming across a river and have one come up and take a swipe at your thigh ... decides you're way too big for a meal ... but still leaves scrape marks with it's teeth ... leaves you bleeding like a stuck pig ... and you still have half a river's width to navigate.  Dah Da Dah Dah .... Dah Da Dah Dah ... the theme music from Jaws is echoing in your brain ... also you have a 12 year old kid swimming with you who just minutes before said, "Aunt Mel, could we get bit by a musky swimming across the river?"  and I just finished telling him the odds of that are like getting hit by lightning.

Until next time ....
So it goes in my neck of the woods.


  1. Sorry, your last paragraph gave me a good chuckle. :)

  2. Congrats to him on his big catch! I would hate to have one bite me while in the water.

  3. Ah, there it is, you bit by a musky and me hit by lightening. Mine and your odds ain't too good huh?

    WOW,That is a big sucker. I have never even seen a Musky. I bet that was a thrill in the middle of the river! It was your good looking thighs that done it!
    Love the post. Love you lady!!! have a great nite!

  4. RE: Jack ~ my good lookin' thighs! HA ... just a big giant happy meal!! LOL

  5. Congrats to your brother. I'm not familiar with a Musky but then I'm not a fisherlady either. The extent of my fishing was at the San Antonio river trying to bait my hook with a worm and gloves on.

  6. Never heard of a MUSKY in my life. Don't like the looks of it, I can tell you that. What does it taste like, grilled? Congrats to your brother for the big catch.

  7. That's a BIG fish! I can't imagine getting bitten by one, even with small teeth.

  8. That sure was a nice catch for Eric, he said it's his largest Musky, so far.
    I remember the day you and Andy swam upstream toward the rapids...and I remember the tooth-drag marks on your leg...Thanks for protecting my son and taking the swipe for him...camping~~~the good ol' days.

  9. How did it taste? Darla called for 'Jeff's recipe' for the grill. It's nice to know he is remembered after all these years. But then he was quite the Musky fisherman :)
    'love & hugs from afar'

  10. Well I sure wouldn't want one of those nibbling on me!!!! It heard you ... always gotta be careful what you say ... never know who is listening!